WiFi Flipping Academy Review (Nick Estes)…Is It Legit?

There are many ways to invest in real estate, and Nick Estes says he knows one of the BEST ways. He claims that you can make anywhere from $5k to $50k monthly using his method. (He says this WITHOUT proof…LOL. Anyways, he also says what he’s about to teach you can be done from home, and you don’t need to buy any property or do repairs. The best part is, Nick says, you don’t even need to have a real estate license…well this is what he is saying in his Facebook ad.

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Here’s what I decided to do…. First, I wanted to check out what Nick offers, so I clicked on the ad and registered for the webinar. So, he starts with a bio of his life. He grew up in a small town in Maine and was a C-D student, which didn’t allow him to get into any colleges. Next, he decided to join a company and do handyman work which was a blessing because he learned how to fix homes. He then remodelled homes before starting one of his home state’s biggest real-estate investment companies. This, he says, was all done before the age of 30. (WOW). But, there was one small problem, as Nick says in his webinar…

There were a lot of drawbacks to dealing with contracts and fixing faucets, and he lost a lot of money just trying to collect from people he had done work for. So, he decided to close his business in his hometown and move to Florida. Once there, he started virtual wholesaling! Nick says, “I make millions of dollars flipping contracts from my laptop and home. I can also do this from anywhere in the world.” Anyways,

Nick lays out his process, saying it’s pretty simple…find homes listed for a discount, then get them under contract tight, and all that’s left is to sell the paper to a local investor. The reason this works so well is that you don’t have to buy the home, and you’re just connecting the buyer and seller. When you sell the paper to a local investor, you mark up the price and pocket the difference…get in…and get out. Now, Nick explains why he is so different compared to everyone else….it’s because what he’s teaching you is what he actually does. I don’t know if I believe him when he says that his company does 25 deals a month, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Anyways, his average deal is around $10K a month, equally $3 million a month…wow. Then, in his webinar, he says the following, which I think is important…

Nick Estes | 1-on-1 Session


The key in this business is getting a hold of the contract because once you have it, you can sell it for a markup, and that’s where you make your money. It’s a golden ticket for you when you are doing real estate. And you don’t even have to leave your residence. Next, you have to work hard to find motivated sellers willing to sell their property, like someone who needs urgent money or something. These types of people are willing to sell you their property and fast. Now, I had a question, and Nick answered it: how do I market to these types of people?

Nick uses software called Estes Data, which he uses, and it does all the work for him. You sign in, fill out the city and what you are prospecting, and the tool will do the rest. All that’s left is to save the report of homeowners which matches those filters, and you are good to go. You can then contact these people with precision! Then all that’s left is the following:

Qualify the ones who are willing to sell over the phone. Nick will even provide you with a script. When qualifying them, it’s important to lock them in on a reasonable price, email them a contract (purchase), get them to sign it and send it back. Now, Nick says, you’re not done “you have to get someone to take nice pictures and rerun the software to find potential investors in the same city. When you do, you have to send them all the information with the pictures, and hopefully, you get some offers coming in.” Nick says after this is done, you get the investors to sign a contract and lock it in before sending it to an attorney. Once the closing is done, your commission will be the difference between the two (2) prices. With each contract, you get signed, and with each deal you close, you will get more confident and will be able to close even more deals to scale your business. Ok…

The system he is trying to sell you is the WiFi Flipping Academy. In this program, you get the software, the step-by-step modules, scripts, the helpline and everything else you need to jump right in. Oh, don’t forget to you have all the support you need too. Now, the WiFi Flipping Academy costs around $1,997. Nick is so clever that if you don’t buy it now and go back into Facebook, he will sell you through a retargeting monthly payment plan consisting of six installments of $287. Look, I have no real experience in real estate, so I can’t give you too much of an overview. But I think Nick is a good guy! However, always do your due diligence before you hop into the program. If you want another better business model, just click the orange button below.