The Wealthy Way Reviews (Ryan Pineda) – What’s It All About?

Ryan Pineda is a dude who wants to redefine the meaning of money (wealth) to the entire world. Ryan says, “The problem is people don’t really understand what it means to be wealthy, and people often think wealthy people only have a high net worth.“ But, Ryans says he’s been lucky to be around many people with money, and these guys are miserable, and he wouldn’t want to trade places with them at all. Can you believe he also says he would not want to have their life? (wow)

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You see, here’s what Ryan has noticed throughout time. These rich folks have all the materialistic stuff, but they are divorced and don’t even have a chance to see their kids. They are unhealthy, weighing 60lbs over their ideal weight, losing faith, and even abusing drugs. (personally, this is said for me to hear) Ryan says, “these people love money so much that it has taken a toll on them, and if you look at their life, it doesn’t impress me at all. I think someone didn’t take the time to show them what it means to have true success.“ Then, Ryan goes on to say; this is why I launched my latest venture, The Wealthy Way.

Ryan says what he is doing is something he is extremely passionate about and hopes that the Wealthy Way is what will define him as a person in the future. In other words, he wants to be remembered for this training. The Wealthy Way will allow people to make a difference (impact). Ryan says, “this training will give me the opportunity to teach people how to make money in real estate by flipping and eCom automation.“ Ryan then explains that what I’ve taught you so far is one way to make money, and there are so many, but I haven’t done an excellent job showing you the others.

Now, just to let you know, no matter how successful Ryan is, he always makes time for the gym, for time with his family, and even to go on vacations with his wife and kids. He makes sure he is out of the office by 5 pm to go home to his family. Not to forget, Ryan believes in his faith 100% and says he wouldn’t be where he is without it. The people who listen to Ryan’s podcast respect this about him because, to him, it’s about balance and not hustling all the time. Ryan says, here’s the problem,

“No one knows how to be well-rounded anymore. So many people have the mentality that you only have to make time for your family after you make a bunch of money.“ Anyways, Ryan says the Wealthy Way is about everything I believe and have learned along the way. This way, you will also live an abundant life. So, here’s what you get in the academy…

The Wealthy Way Reviews (Ryan Pineda)


First, you get the actual Wealthy Way course which is a step-by-step blueprint how what the Wealthy Way is and what you need to do to live it. This will also help you define goals, set your mindset and habits, and what skills you should strive for. In other words, it is what you should be doing every single day. Next,

You will also get the Wealthy Way Planner. This planner is straightforward to follow and will help ensure you meet your goals and follow the habits you have set for yourself. The third is the Discord group, which has people with the same goals and aspirations as you. You also get a newsletter with updates to encourage you to stay on track. There are also some bonuses along the way.

Here’s the thing, Ryan admits he is not 100% sure what this Wealth Way Academy will look like in a year but hopes that every person who learns from it will help their friend and so on. Ryan says the course is FREE, and he wants to give back to people. Ok, so, from my experience, Ryan is always after making that money, so I’m not sure what to think when he says something is FREE. Anyways, it may be great training to check out if it is free. I think the Wealthy Way may just be a lead-generation tactic for his many offers.

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