Wealth Factory Review (Garrett Gunderson)

The face of Wealth Factory is some guy named Garrett Gunderson. For those of you who don’t know, Wealthy Factory helps those who own businesses keep more of the money they bring in and increase their cash flow every month…cool…right? Now, here’s where things get weird because they claim they can help you do this without having to work harder or even taking a more considerable risk. In a recent YouTube ad, Garrett says, “Inflation is something like 8.9% which is the highest it’s been in four (4) years, and it can be extremely devastating.” Then, the ad continues to do some math.

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Let’s say you had 100K last year, it will be worth something like 91K this year, and with a rate of 2% cash per year, you will lose something like 20K per year, which is nuts…right? Garrett says, “Inflation is the hidden tax which devalues your money and steals your cash. Supposedly even Warren Buffett said that inflation is considered a more significant tax than anything our government implemented. Yikes! However, you have nothing to worry about, says Garret, because for years, he’s been researching how the world’s wealthiest have been managing their money, and he’s learned something unique along the way. What he’s learned has allowed him to create a simple system that one ups inflation and even grows his wealth during peak times of inflation. Now, here’s something he says which is hard to believe….

Garrett claims his money continues to stack at a rate that’s insane. He’s getting something like a  4x return on his initial investment. “There is no reason why you cannot achieve the same…I mean it. It doesn’t matter what point your starting at either.” He continues that you don’t have to worry about economic downturns with the proposed system. It’s all done through something he called a wealth creation account. For example, the typical account pays something like 0.05% (nothing). You lose this exact amount per year at an average inflation rate of something like 2%. “If inflation hits 9% any given year, your losing $900 on every 10K in savings. I have just the formula to beat this, and I know you will be happy,” says Garret.

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To overcome this loss, you have to increase the % you earn on your money; that way, you earn more than the inflation rate. Supposedly a wealth creation account will pay you something like 3- to 5% per year. When you d the math on this with an inflation rate of 2%, you are already beating this at a net gain. Garrett says a wealth creation account will allow you to make certain moves in your favour when you have a higher inflation rate. For example,

If you use billions as an example, they usually have their money in investments through companies. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos invest in their own companies and others. Many people think they have their money sitting in an account, but that’s not true. They have it in an investment account. When they need money, they borrow against their stock (as collateral). The magic of a wealth creation account gives you the same flexibility, so your savings go up by 3–5%, and you can access money at 3–5% interest, making it a wash. I find this hard to understand because I don’t trade stocks, but if you know this business, you may or may not agree.

Garrett has even labelled this something like the  “double dollar strategy.” Why? The money you borrow, you can use to invest in inflation-beating assets and then pay back the loan with what you’ve made through your gains—the difference you can either put in your pocket or invest back into your business. If you like what you hear and want to know how you can get started,  the Wealth Factory sells a digital book called What Would Billionaires Do? It’s available for $6, plus you have to watch out for upsells along the way.

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