Wealth Assistants Review (Ryan Carroll) – What Is This All About?

The CEO of a company called Wealth Assistants is Ryan Carroll. Ryan focuses on creating ultimately done-for-you Amazon stores that generate monthly passive amounts of recurring income. “If you invest and buy one of our stores and don’t make at least 55K in 12 months, I will buy back your store and not ask any questions.” Anyways, I’ve been reviewing many programs through the years, and this one sounds too good to be true. Anyways, I’m here to check out the program and give you my honest opinion. So, here is Wealth Assistants review.

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Ryan says the main difference between what he provides and others is that when you invest in this FBA opportunity, the team will set up and operate the entire store for you. So you have nothing to do but collect the cash (ya, right). Ryan says, “We’ve done this many times and continue building stores for clients daily. It’s amazing what we can do for you.” Ryan then says that one of our clients, Hunter Chapman, sold more than 16K of products in just the first six (6) weeks. Some other students did something like 10K and 44K in the first three (3) months…it’s incredible. All in all, the stores are seeing something like 30% ROI.

Ryan says in his ad it’s hard to get ahead in today’s world. The living costs are increasing everywhere, from food, entertainment, homes, etc. You are working so hard and putting your hard-earned money into just trying to survive..it’s tough. You have nothing to put away for your family, no investment money, nothing. It’s a brutal world we live in now, and it will only get more challenging as the day progresses. On the other hand, specific platforms like Amazon are killing it, generating billions of dollars each year because the pandemic forced us to shop online now. We are hooked to shopping online from the comfort of our homes…right?

Wealth Assistants CEO Ryan Carroll Receives the 2CCX Award - LA Weekly


Let me ask you guys a question. How nice is it to browse online, click a few buttons, and deliver things to your door? Think about it; you don’t have to deal with the lineups, people pushing and shoving to get ahead…right? I can only see this trend grow, so you might as well jump on board and start to make some serious money in the process…right? Anyways, this doesn’t mean you should put your entire life savings into Amazon stores because there are some concerns with the model you probably haven’t thought about, which I will discuss later.

Of course, Ryan thinks you should invest everything and claims to have recently opened the doors to new investors in this business model. “Again, we handle everything, and you just collect the deposits every single month. But, we need those people willing to stick with us for the long run giving us time to put what we know into play,” says Ryan. Let’s continue,

From what I know and have read, these guys are charging 10K from everyone to get involved in this. I have a feeling you will have to spend more when you join. Anyways, I have seen other offers claiming the same, but you spend something like 60K. Then, what Ryan tells you is you will need another 30K-50K just to buy the inventory and have it shipped to Amazon. For starting out, this is all money that will be hard to gather…right? Wealth Assistants claims they know some fantastic business credit cards that can help and will help you fill out the application to get approved (lol)….so you can risk your credit simultaneously. Ryan says, “You should recoup all the money you invested in 1 year.” But obviously, he doesn’t guarantee you any success in this business. The bottom line is:

You will be asked to reinvest your profits into the business for the first year so the business can continue growing. Ryan has put together an incredible presentation, but I don’t think I would hand over thousands of dollars to him. I’ve been around, and the likely hood of this working is very slim with all the competition. Not to mention, I have to risk my credit at the same time…this is a complete no-no.

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