Is Walmart Automation Legit?

Whenever I search for eCommerce stores online, I notice ads for done-for-you Walmart automation dropshipping services. I mean, these types of stores are popping up everywhere. Now, some of these ads are pretty creative, and some promise massive returns if you join their training. However, the one thing all of them are telling you is that Walmart drop shipping stores are it’s more profitable than Amazon. Oh, and they say how these stores are much less competitive too. But, then, the ads claim that if you get in right now, it will be the best decision of your life (ya, right!). So, my question is…if these stores are so profitable, why not keep it for themselves and not tell anyone about it?

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So, when I did some more research, it became clear why marketing gurus promote these stores and try to sell Walmart automation packages. First, Walmart has a policy allowing only one (1) store per person, so offering stores to you is a way to get around this policy. (maybe I believe this). I mean, you can get your family and friends to open stores and not have to promote it to others…right? Make your family the money! Now, the second which I believe much more, is that promoting Walmart automation stores will give these people unlimited wealth. For example, instead of putting up the money themselves and getting loans through the bank, why not leverage other people and build through them? In return, you also get a commission for mentoring people. So, I now get what is happening,

These people create ads showing how ordinary people can make massive incomes; then, you charge them a high-ticket price to learn from you. These people will put up the investment and even tap into their credit. And, you also get 50% of the profit from whatever they make. I think this is unfair and sneaky. But it’s business, and I can understand why these marketing gurus do it…’s because it’s much easier than borrowing money from the banks. The risk is much less, and the potential to make money is much higher.

So, in the end, it’s less risky and a sure way to make more money out of this Walmart store craze going on right now. I understand this makes sense for them, but I’m more worried about you and your potential risk. I will answer the following questions is this worth investing in? How much does it cost? How long before you will make any of your money back? And, the most critical question: What can you expect to make from Walmart automation? What’s your guarantee, and what are some things that can go wrong too? Well, read on where you will get an answer to all of these questions (if I can find them, of course)

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So, here’s what I have to say: I don’t think Walmart’s automation of this system is a scam because you can make a lot of money doing it. I’m not into this entire Walmart automation. To start with something like this, you would need around 24K-30K immediately. Then, you need an additional 10K just for the goods and to pay for logos, branding, etc. In short, you need money available until Walmart pays you the money you brought in, which can be a few weeks later. What also sucks is that they take 30% to 60% of profits immediately. I looked at the fine print and saw they state that you would have to wait 12 to 18 months before you break even. During this entire time, you rely on your income to stay afloat. Once you pass the break-even point, who knows how much money you will bring in?

Here are my final thoughts on this Walmart automation business. If you have money to invest, put it into something else, like long-term stocks, real estate, or crypto. I have an even better idea: go to YouTube and watch some of the free videos on Walmart automation and open your store. Learn what you need to learn and start your store to keep 100% of the profits. Or, you can even try something different, like your own business model where Walmart won’t be able to ban you. I have heard of other fantastic businesses where it doesn’t take 1-2 years to make money as Walmart automation does. Whenever you start a business, the key is to see a return as fast as possible, and that’s what I want to do. With that said,

The mindset you have to have when starting a business is that you have to work hard and be focused. Also, when you start your own business, it is a gratifying feeling (and rewarding) when you know you learned and did everything on your own. I mean, after all, you will be learning a lot of new skills…right? Oh, and through your business, you can also make positive changes. I guess the ads make this Walmart system look so easy you have to push a couple of buttons, and you’re good to go. But it would help if you put in hard work and dedication to get things going. I also have a way the better business that I want you to check out, just hit the orange button.

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