Walmart Automation Alliance Review

Today, I will be reviewing the Walmart Automation Alliance system. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have seen their YouTube ad promoting the Walmart Automation course. If you can’t remember the ad, let me refresh your memory…it’s the video with the paid actor reading a script and talking about how powerful their Walmart dropshipping system is. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Yes! That’s the one! Now, the only question left is, where do I even start…there are so many questions which need to be answered.

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Over the years, I have written about several eCommerce programs and read so many Walmart automation alliance reviews, but I wanted to check out this opportunity for myself, so I can provide you with a solid breakdown. Anyways, the YouTube ad starts with a very bold prediction saying that Walmart can overtake Amazon as the number 1 eCommerce website in the world. I don’t believe this because if you have used Amazon, you know it’s a massive website. Anyways, the ad goes on to say: “I’m sure you have watched other ads telling you to start selling on Amazon or do Amazon FBA…but here’s what I have to tell you. The ship has sailed, says the actor in the ad.” He then says Amazon is way too crowded, but Walmart has just opened their doors to dropshipping, so there’s no competition and money to be made! Now, he has a point when he says that you should never wait until the largest company in the world gives you an opportunity to join them. Here comes the salespitch,

If you are worried about not knowing where to start, the Walmart Automation Course will teach you everything and has your back throughout all of this. Oh, by the way, this is the name of the YouTube channel which uploaded the ad, but the funny thing is it’s set to unlist…why? It’s because they have no social media account, public videos, no website, nothing…LOL

But, they push it as something you should NOT worry about because their system promises to build you an entire automated Walmart dropshipping store. Once they are done, they will hand it right over to you so you can run and earn massive income so you can live the life you have always dreamed of. Anyways, one funny thing is that even though this is a brand new system, they claim to have so many stores running, and they are all making profits. The mystery man says, “Remember, this is Walmart Automation because we have a team of dedicated workers who handle all the tedious tasks from start to finish.” Now the ad comes on real strong by saying act quickly to get a slice of the 20 billion dollar industry before someone else does! Then they push hard to get you to click the link to discover what the Automation Alliance Walmart System is all about. I think the actor is so funny because I don’t think he believes the crap he is saying in the video….haha. Here’s what I think…

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They are using an actor because these guys have no actual brand to promote, and the offer is crap. Next, I have been doing eCommerce and other programs for a long time, and I don’t believe Walmart will ever be able to pass Amazon. Amazon has too many things in place to let Walmart walk right over them. Also, these guys claim it’s a brand new program, but how do they have so many results if they are new to the market…plus they show no proof whatsoever. Finally, I would love to see some case studies from past students…right?

I would stand clear of this Walmart Automation Alliance program because there are too many red flags here. You see, I know better, but I feel bad for those who don’t. If they get sucked into this program, they’ll end up investing 10K or more only to find out there are NO guarantees of success with this opportunity. And, when you don’t get the results you want, they’ll tell you to keep waiting, which will just waste your time and more of your money. Anyways, I know there are way better programs out there, like my favourite one below, so check this out.

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