Vodyssey Review (Shawn Moore)

Back in 2008, Shawn Moore and his wife Teresa were making a killing selling high-end properties. I mean, they were making some massive money and living lavishly simultaneously. The couple was just about to close on a mansion in Newport Beach until something they never expected happened. What? The resort’s owner was charged with securities fraud and had to forfeit everything. Shawn and his wife had no more properties to sell, freezing their paychecks. “I was 30 years old then, so obviously wasn’t saving my money. When we got shut down, I had pretty much nothing saved.“ says Shawn. To find out what he did next, you have to keep reading…

So Shawn and Teresa went through a period of denial because they could not understand how this could have unfolded. “I felt like the victim, and everything was taken away. I didn’t care about anyone else,” says Shawn. Over time Shawn said, you begin to realize that no one is listening to what you are saying, so you have to get your stuff together. Not to mention, the more time you spend complaining, the less time you are productive. This is precisely what happened to Shawn because he fell behind on his mortgage payment for six (6) months and was about to lose it.

Shawn says, “It became so bad because we lost our cars, credit cards were maxed out, and there was no money in the bank account.” One day when he was sitting on the sofa feeling pity for himself and thinking about ways he could climb out of this one, he realized that no one would help him. Shawn decided to take action after seeing an ad for a real estate seminar in a newspaper. Shawn and Teresa attended the seminar after purchasing some tickets (money borrowed from his parents). The next step was to gain as much knowledge about this industry, so they hired Craig Proctor, a multi-millionaire real estate agent, as their coach.

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In 2009 the real estate market was in a downward spiral; however, Craig was an expert, so had experience in all types of markets. They followed his advice and were able to close some deals. Shawn says they were winning top producer awards a few months later, and money was rolling into their accounts. What amazing is what hardship does to a person’s mentality. Here’s what I mean. After overcoming infertility issues and having twins, Shawn started to think about the future and his legacy. For example, what can he leave behind for his kids? Fortunately, his son provided insight into this question which helped him find the solution he sought. While on their annual trip to Hawaii, Watt (Shawn and Teresas) son, who is 4-5 years old, suggested to his dad they buy houses here, in Hawaii. When Shawn asked why? Watt said we can then vacation, swim, and always have fun. Shawn and Teresa thought about it for a few weeks and thought this would be a great idea.

Shawn said, “Vacation properties and homes defined a great experience…right? This all equals excellent memories and what people ultimately want to achieve. “ Shawn said he always wanted to have investments and earn passive income from them, and what better way than these properties? Shawn decided to go all finding vacation properties in Hawaii where people come to relax, swim and enjoy. These people will also spend big bucks for a great experience.

Anyways, if you have heard of Lifestyle Asset University, Shawn’s vision (or his son’s) comes to life. “I want to teach others what I’m doing so they can have the freedom and enjoyment I do,” says Shawn. Later his program was rebranded to Vodyssey. So, this program shows you how to build financial freedom by investing in vacation homes. Shawn invites you to watch his free webinar, where you will get an entire overview of what he offers. If you like what you hear, you can book a call with him to learn more and apply to the program. Vodyssey costs $4,800.

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