Virtual Real Estate Investing Club Review (DC Fawcett)

There is a guy named DC Fawcett who claims that MOST of the millionaires in this world are made during the down market. DC says this is where the market is heading, and it’s time for you to capitalize on this too. If you want to make money during this post-pandemic market, DC Fawcett can teach you how to do this. The name of the training is the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club. The cool thing about this training is that you can do it from home without meeting anyone. So many deals are available because the following big players, Zillow, Redfin, and Opendoor, only like playing when the market is stable. So, this is the perfect time for you to cash in.

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So, check this out DC Fawcett has been pushing these “make money in real estate” programs for 12+ years online. The funny thing is that his website hasn’t been updated for 12+ years, either…lol. I would have thought DC Fawcett was retired because I had seen nothing from him for so long. Still, I ran into his recent YouTube ad where he was pushing a VREIC Freedom System system. VREIC stands for Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, the training I am currently reviewing. Let’s move on…

The digital version of this course is currently available for $297, or you can do four (4)  monthly installments of $99. If you want to do the physical version, it would be $3,997, and there are NO payment plans available for the physical version. This course will cover everything from investing in real estate remotely from your laptop and phone to getting leads on social media and referrals, fund deals, and automating what you can.

DC Fawcett reviews - Why Cash Flow is King


However, to be completely transparent, DC’s reputation is NOT the best. It has taken a real beating over the few years. For example, his company, the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club LLC (based in Tampa, Florida), has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. I checked out Trustpilot and read how one person called DC a “Total Scam.” Others said when they bought the course, DC was trying to sell them more expensive coaching programs. Someone wrote how this is the “Oldest trick in the book,” they wrote. And other said to stay away from DC because they joined the program and sent a message to DC about getting a foreclosure deal closed, but they never heard back. Finally, when they did, they said I have to wait for a monthly coaching call to get the answer…lol. I guess they want to sign you up for the $5,000 level coaching).” Anyways,

The review wrote They never answered my question even after I told them how urgent my question was.” The person continued to say how the seller had gotten frustrated from waiting and eventually lost their house to foreclosure. I was lucky enough to speak with one of DC’s VAs, who told me they want an additional $5,000 to answer your question, which I think is a complete scam and BS. So, I decided to ask for my money back, and I am still waiting for a return call…it’s been three months. I got no refund! Oh, I forgot to mention that DC takes 50% of your deals to negotiate the deal…this is completely Ridiculous!

Now, to hide these reviews, DC did something sneaky. He optimized his new material for the following search terms “DC Fawcett reviews,” “VREIC scam,” “freedom fighters virtual real estate,” and so on. I don’t know how I feel about this kind of thing….too many red flags…right? But, overall, VREIC gives off a bad vibe.

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