VestRight Review (Cody Bjugan, David Hill)

There are so many people out there who claim to have a secret strategy to make big money in real estate. Cody Bjugan and David Hill are a team who claims to know what it takes. Their plan involves no more than five (5) steps and is safe and secure. The best thing about what they offer is that it’s recession-proof. Now, the team claims not to worry because it has nothing to do with buying and flipping properties, wholesaling, and even apartment complexes. You only need a phone and a high-speed, reliable internet connection when you get involved. So, I’m sure you want to know what is the catch. I will give you the entire run down…stay tuned for my VestRight review.

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Cody and David are two guys who believe the old ways of investing in real estate are gone. You have to get creative now. These old ways are saturated and complicated. Cody Bjugan and David Hill have switched things up because they wholesale land deals. “This is the best way to bring in massive amounts of cash with little effort. One deal brings in enormous income.” You have the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you like. Everyone wins, and no one gets screwed through this process. When buying land for the owner, you can offer them a fair price so they make a profit. You also make money without involving tenants, contractors, repairs, or broker fees, and it’s very low risk. Let’s continue,

So, how much money can you make when flipping land? Well, it depends because you must consider the property size you are dealing with. “Sometimes your piece of the profit could be something like 50K and sometimes much less. But, ultimately, you are making some profit.” Now, if you want to get a piece of the profits and know how to do what these two are doing, join their training called Land Deals Revealed. You learn everything from start to finish with all the tools and resources you need to start networking and get that ongoing support.

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Now, because we are dealing with real estate, the training is not cheap, says the VestRight team. To even be considered to join the program, you have to fill out a form to book a call with the consultation team. I decided to do a little digging to find out what the price was. I was able to locate the numbers: So if you join the training on the call with an expert, it will cost you something like 9K. If you don’t, you must pay the waiting price of 16K. It’s a considerable gap from having to wait to buy…right? I think they are trying to push you to buy, which is unfair. Anyways,

There are a lot more things to think about before joining. What? Land deals are incredibly complicated. I mean, from how they sound in the presentation, it requires a lot of back and forth. For example, sign the contract, and wait 90 days for the due diligence process. Only if everything checks out do you have to put together a land use application which, once complete, you have to submit to the city. Then comes the waiting process until everything gets approved by the city. Once you have the approval in your hand, you can move on to the construction drawing and approval. Sounds extremely tiring…right? Now, here’s my next concern,

Everything that I just mentioned above can take four months to 1 year. I’m not talking about the entire process but each step…yikes! It’s no wonder it pays so much with everything complete, but getting there will take some time and a headache. You have to be extremely careful if this is something you are getting involved with because you will spend so much initially that you can go broke. For example, if you close a land deal and get paid 150K, ensure you survive on it for 18 months because you will need it to close your next one. Don’t immediately buy a Lambo or house until you have some deals closed. One last concern,

VestRight’s system is all about finding off-market deals. The team claims you have to work a few hours a day, but can the average person find land opportunities working such little hours? It’s like finding a needle in a haystack…right? I also wonder how much you would have to spend on marketing. This is why many people are not discussing land deals and making money from them. Anyways, I recommend staying away from land deals. These cost a lot to get into and require enormous concentration. However, I have something completely extraordinary which will generate money quickly with some work. Oh, the investment isn’t in the thousands, either.

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