Anton Kraly: Ya Got to Get These 2 Things Right…What Are They?

Anton Kraly claims that business comes down to two (2) things. But, before I tell you what these two things are…let’s meet Anton Kraly, the founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle, which I will tell you about later. So, these two things are: Number 1 – maintain happy customers by delivering on your promise when they purchase from you. Then, in the best-case scenario, you take this one step further and give them way more than they expected. For example, be responsive, answer customer questions immediately, offer a support group, and more.

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Anton details step 1 “Without keeping your customers happy, nothing else will matter…right? Without consistently happy customers, your business is NOT going to last.” So, once you understand the importance of happy customers, Anton says the second thing is to make money…how? You must sell the RIGHT products and get people to buy them. No matter the business, you won’t make money if you can’t generate sales. Anton says, “In my main course, Drop Ship Blueprint, you will learn how to find customers, collect emails, and convert all the leads into actual buyers.” Anton keeps going with his sales pitch describing….

How he helps you gain those bounced visits back, get those people back who left with abandoned carts, how to create some bonus offers, and even take advantage of your competitor’s weaknesses so you can sell way more than these guys can. In short: Anton says, “We teach you how to sell and sell, and sell even more…isn’t this the point of any business…right.”

Now, Anton highlights the importance of module 6, which is to drive traffic to your store and the strategies these guys use to do it. This is huge in your store. But, again, this is a significant portion of the Drop Ship Blueprint. In this module, Anton and his team will show you how to build a badass ecommerce sales funnel and send traffic to it like crazy. You will also learn other amazing things like utilizing Google Shopping to sell and Microsoft ads. Module 6 closes with other advanced strategies like selling on Facebook and Instagram and creating promotions.

Now, here’s the thing,

Anton says, “All of what I discussed is extremely important because this is how you make money and beat your competition for the next sale. It’s what you need to know as a drop shipper. You see, many drop shippers think you can create a TikTok ad, drive people to your Shopify store, and they will buy from you. But it does not work like that. Many people will NOT buy the first time, so you have to stay on them so they return and buy. This means emailing them, providing promotions, and doing whatever it takes to get them to buy.”

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Over the years, Anton has learned that the average drop shipper doesn’t invest time or money into doing this at all. “They are too one-dimensional, which is why they don’t make any money. I’ve noticed many of them are also like this because they are lazy and don’t want to take time to figure out all the tech stuff, such as optimizing landing pages and writing emails. I must admit some people try and do it but then forget about all the other stuff I just mentioned.” Anton says.

Check out this YouTube Video where Anton is preaching how everything comes down to you and the effort you put into growing and scaling your business. Anton says, “It’s your job to market your products, run your promotions, generate leads, and keep doing follow-ups. You must change your mindset to believe that it’s okay even if someone doesn’t want to buy from you. But, you should NOT give up and try to discover why the customers didn’t buy and ensure it never happens again.”

Anton wants you to click the banner and enrol in his course! However, I have seen a lot of free courses that teach you a lot anyway. Head to YouTube and type “start a Shopify store,” and you’ll find hundreds of courses. Or, check out my video and get started below by clicking the Orange button. I promise, my method doesn’t require you to spam people.

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