Tube Mastery And Monetization Review (Matt Par)

Have you heard of Matt Par before? I have! I watched Matt’s latest YouTube ad, and he asked, “How would you like to know how I got over 1 million subscribers without showing my face.” I know I would because that’s insane, right? He then says he was able to do this without recording or making any videos at all. What’s impressive is that Matt has nine (9) that he is actively promoting, and these channels make him over six (6) figures per year. The cool thing is that Matt hosts free training to help people; in this training, he reveals how to find the best niches. Matt will also show you in his training how to generate videos quickly and promote them to go viral to get millions of views to grow your channel.

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So, I attended his webinar to learn more about Matt and his training. I think he looks like a younger Michael Cera…lol. In the beginning, Matt wastes about 10 minutes of his webinar pretending it’s live (when it’s not)…he’s giving out shoutouts during this time. After he wastes 10 minutes, he jumps into his story and explains how in 2014, he was broke, depressed, and an anti-social high school student. But he had so much time as a student that he decided to make simple, faceless videos and upload them to YouTube one day. Soon, he was eligible to turn on ads via the YouTube Partner program, which was incredible because he generated 3K monthly. Matt said, “Once I saw this success, I knew I had to go all in.”

After he went all in, Matt was about to scale his YouTube profits to 9K monthly. Then, Matt said his success plateaued and got burned out because he was doing it full fledge for some time. After taking some time off, Matt decided to put something called a “video creation machine.” What is this? Matt says, “It’s getting other people to make the videos for me. Now, all I do is edit, optimize and upload each.” Matt is bringing in nearly 30K per month, which is insane, considering this all comes from YouTube. Even more exciting is that Matt only works a few hours daily. Anyways,

Matt Par – The 19-Year-Old YouTube Expert Who Runs 9 Channels - Space Coast  Daily


Matt shares three (3) secrets to building the kind of success he has. First, the main thing is creating niche channels, not personality ones. You see, Matt says, “Instead of trying to be the next Mr.Beast where you are the bend, you can try something like the meditation niche and never have to appear on camera…right? You can outsource the production of each video.” Secondly, Matt says you need to find suitable production material, and Matt does show you how to find stock images, footage, and royalty-free music. You can even go to Fiverr for a small fee to get a voice-over done. Third, it’s about getting views utilizing “similar metadata.” Matt says, “This is putting in the right keywords in the title, description, and tags under each vid.

If you want Matt to hold your hand and teach you everything he knows, you must buy his course. The course name is Tube Mastery and Monetization. Once you join the training course, you will LEARN the exact method to start, grow and monetize every YouTube you have set up. The Tube Mastery and Monetization training costs $497, and you have a 60-day refund policy that comes with the course.

Now, if you minus the first “10 minutes” of the webinar where Matt gives shoutouts on his YouTube video, I believe Matt is transparent about everything he knows and what he wants to teach you. Matt does what he teaches you, which is rare when marketers sell training courses. The Tube Mastery and Monetization training does look like a solid program with enormous value. Here are my final thoughts about Matt’s training…

I don’t know if it’s as easy as putting stock videos and photos together and earning thousands a month. I don’t know if I believe this part. Also, YouTube is crowded with these videos; will Matt’s methods work now? Because of this, I can see many people wasting time and money only to have a channel full of shoddy videos and very few views to show for it.

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