The Remote Integrator Masterclass Review

A guy by the name of Ravi Abuvala has a unique new opportunity for you called the Remote Integrator Masterclass. If you don’t know who he is, he is the Scaling With Systems guy. Anyways, his new opportunity is a training that will teach you a single skill over 400+ people are using to generate six figures online. These people are making this kind of money. They don’t even have to start a business online, sell junky products, or do affiliate marketing. Ravi claims you will have to carry no overhead; this can work in almost any niche, and you don’t require crazy skills to get involved, either. This sounds a bit strange to me, so I decided to check it out. Here’s my review. Oh, before you continue, read the following below:

WOW: Speaking Of Remote Integrating

In his sales pitch video, Ravi claims this is a training in which less than 1% of the population is involved. So, this is the best time to get in because MOST people don’t know this niche/industry even exists. It’s time to shift most of the wealth in your favour and learn a KEY skill needed in a multi-billion dollar marketplace. Ravi says, “people are throwing tens of thousands of dollars to get this done, and you will be the one who can provide it for them.” I guess he is right because we do live in a crazy time where people are making more money online than ever before. Anyways,

He claims the process that will make you so much wealth in a few weeks would have taken 10-15 years, but the times have changed. As a result, the process has also changed, which will streamline the entire process! How are you saving so much time making this type of wealth? It’s because you don’t need any previous experience and fancy degrees. Ravi also claims “he has made millions of dollars in a few years doing a little thing for businesses and spending just a few hours weekly. I don’t know if I believe in it, but let’s go on…

Remote Integrator Review


Now, Ravi wants to give you a brief history of where he started. A few years ago, he dropped out of law school and started working at an Italian restaurant where you would make tips and save up a couple of grand in a few months. Until that point, this was the most money he had ever seen. But he then quickly discovered this fantastic skillset which he claims is NOT starting your marketing agency as many people tell you to do. He also says it’s not affiliate marketing and being an inbound closer either, so NOT to worry. Ok, so I want to know what this is. Ravi calls it “remote integration.” Thanks for the introduction, but I want to hear more about what this concept is and if it can be trusted…but,

Ravi gives no more explanation, and I hate when people do this because it seems like a massive trap. All I can figure out is that he is training you to find bottlenecks in a business and give them a copy/paste system which allows them to fix everything, making them thousands of dollars. Then, of course, they will be happy to cut you a check in return when you make them this money. But I still don’t know what the hell he is selling…

Ravi then continues to sell his product by posing with his blacked-out Porsche 911 GTS and a penthouse in Miami. He then goes on to say how he doesn’t spend a lot of time at his place because he is busy travelling the world…lol

Ravi is straight up about the pricing, which is $997.00 for his Remote Integrator Masterclass. However, he is ready to cut you a deal by giving it to you for this limited-time “single payment” of $39.97. But I have been reviewing programs long enough to know you will be hit with many upsells afterwards. As a matter of fact, his entire sales page of his seems to be copied from The Officeless Agency Masterclass by Chance and Abdul. I can’t knock him for that because he found a funnel which works and has cloned it to make his own money. Some say this is a brilliant move! Anyways,

It’s weird because I gave Ravi’s other program Scaling With Systems, two thumbs up and had nothing but good things to say about it. So the fact that I liked his other program; I want to say that Ravi is still a good guy, but this program I don’t know if I would give it my full blessing. I wish Ravi would talk more about what you would be doing and give people a better understanding of this concept. This way, people won’t think it is some get-rich-quick scheme…right? You have other options, which I think are way better, like the one below, which you can check out by clicking the orange button.