The Palm Beach Letter Review (Teeka Tiwari)

Lately, I was watching a YouTube ad that was a long, tiring clip promoting The Palm Beach Letter. This ad was created by Teeka Tiwari, who was going over one of his new business ventures. What is this venture? Basically, you get an email every month where Teeka sends you his latest “special” watchlist. This list comes with a video script where he talks about low-risk, high-income-producing assets you can invest in to “grow your wealth steadily and safely throughout the years.” Now, Teeka says this watchlist usually costs around $199 a year, but if you take advantage of this promotion and subscribe, you can get it for $49 for year one, then $199 every 12 months after that. Anyways, here’s my review of the Palm Beach Letter.

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When I was first going through this offer, I said, “What a cool offer.” Also, on the surface, I have no problem with what he is promoting. I mean, the bottom line is if Teeka Tiwari is the kind of expert he says he is, he should be able to provide you with excellent (winning) recommendations. Think about it; one good recommendation will help you pay for the entire annual membership without any problem…right? Oh, you’re also protected by a three (3) month money-back guarantee to claim a full refund within this period. So, when you look at the entire Palm Beach Letter membership and the protection it offers, where is the harm in trying it out, right? The problem is I decided to do some research and found many negative reviews. Let’s continue,

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When you read their Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing, you see they have an F rating. You can take a long for yourself; it’s listed under Palm Beach Research Group (the name of Teeka’s company and is responsible for publishing The Palm Beach Letter). This company also publishes other premium newsletters and training programs. After reading through the reviews, people kept saying the same thing, they got spammed with offers, and the advice offered by Teeka made people lose money, and these guys have poor customer service, etc. Oh, what hit home is that they don’t honour refunds or participate in false advertising. Check this review left by someone “I signed up for a membership and wasn’t happy with the material at all. I requested a refund and was told I would receive it in two (2) days, but it was not processed. I called after another week and was told I would not get a refund but could sign up for another training through them. I contacted the credited card company for a refund, and they processed it. But, Teeka and his company appealed it, and they won, so I was charged again on my card. My experience completely turns me off, and I will do whatever possible to share my story with everyone.” Now just to be fair, I am sure some people are happy with the Palm Beach Letter, but these positive reviews are tough to find. I want to share another review,

One guy named Matthew said on Trustpilot that he was constantly spammed with new offers, and when you unsubscribe, they don’t listen; they keep sending you emails which is so annoying. Matthew also said, “These guys never tell you things straight and steal your time by having you watch countless marketing videos only to find out what they are saying isn’t true at all.” Finally, Matthew added the only goal Teeka and his team have is to keep bombarding you with offers and push you to sign up for products you don’t need. Here are my final thoughts…

After reading all the feedback regarding The Palm Beach Letter by Teeka Tiwari and considering that most of them are negative, I would not waste my time with this. Your time, focus, and energy would be better spent elsewhere. Why don’t you try creating digital assets where you get paid monthly commissions for years to come? Click below to learn more.

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