The Money Connector Review (Lee Arnold)

Imagine generating lump sums of money by lending out other people’s money. How cool would that be, especially if you have dreamed of owning your own business for years? Let me introduce you to a guy named Lee Arnold who does EXACTLY this “money connector,” earning $2000-$6000. Still, I should warn you before moving forward that Lee has a history of promoting different get-rich-quick offers over the years. But he has written a book, and it’s receiving a lot of buzz, so maybe he has changed and is now promoting something with actual substance. Here’s what I think… let’s listen to what he has to say and what his new book, The Money Connector, is all about. Let’s get started,

In his sales video, Lee Arnold says, “I’m looking to find people and turn them into bona fide money connectors.” But what’s funny is he looks like someone who would own a used car dealership in a strip mall. Lee, in his sales video, sells this as an opportunity requiring no fancy degree or anything; it’s not even like a regular job reporting to a boss; you need a fire to succeed and follow instructions which I’m sure anyone can do…right? In short, Lee is a private money lender with access to millions he can lend to people who need it. And he’s only one person too!

However, there is one obstacle holding him back: he is only one person and CANNOT do transactions all over the world, which is why he needs ‘you’, and he is more than willing to send a $1,500 to $5,000 check for every transaction that closes. And, again, the BEST part is you can work from home no matter where you are in the world. There are NO face-to-face meetings or anything, so all you need is a phone and an internet connection.”

Now, you can also get started for the price of a couple of coffees from Starbucks, so there is no huge upfront investment for training…nothing. But, you see, private lending is a different ball game; it’s not like a traditional loan you would get from a bank. For example, Lee explains that private loans are secured by an asset like a piece of property or your vehicle as collateral. So, the borrower’s financial condition or credit score has little significance in your approval. So, the approval process is much faster, and borrowers can have their money, in hand, within a day or two. So, now I know you are wondering…who are these borrowers?

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These borrowers are typically real estate investors who have difficulty qualifying for loans or don’t want to bother with traditional bank loans. These real estate investors have bought properties to fix and slip, so everything is completely legal. Lee Arnold says, with so many people getting into real estate, it’s never been a better time to learn how to connect these folks with the capital they need. Now, your job is to find these people and bring them to Lee, who has the funds needed to lend out. And what do you get in return for your effort? Well, Lee cuts you a commission…it’s that simple!

If you need to learn more about how this entire system works, you can read Lee’s new book, The Money Connector: How to Make an Income Lending Other People’s Money. The regular price is $24.95, but Lee will give it to you for FREE as long as you pay for the shipping and handling. Now, read it over, and you can start with part-time work and move into full-time when you are ready… you’re in complete control. 

Finally, Lee says, “any skepticism should melt away. In fact, I believe in you having this information so much that I’ll even guarantee your happiness. “So, get the book right now and start reading through. If for whatever reason, you are NOT thrilled, Lee will refund you your shipping and handling. You have nothing to lose!