Low-Hanging System Review (Rachel Rofe)

I was watching this YouTube ad, which reminded me so much of Jeff Lerners advertising methods. So, Rachel Rofe, in her MOST recent ad, says, “STOP!, what if you can launch 21 products on Amazon in 21 days from now…without paying for a single product upfront?” Rachel Rofe then tells her story of how she went from working at Walmart to launching an eCommerce business with over 17,000 products. She now calls “herself” the ”Queen of eCommerce”…lol. Anyways, I’m here to find out what’s up with her Low-Hanging System. I mean…is this system worth what she says it is, and is it legit? Well, here is my Rachel Rofe review.

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So, Rachel says she has come up with this Insta Product method which has worked wonders for making money faster and easier than ever before. Anyways, the focus is on super simple products, like t-shirts, mugs, and shot glasses. Rachel says her system is excellent because it sidesteps the traditional headaches that come with eCommerce, like risking big money initially and spending time researching products that have been sold. Not to mention, it also removes the headaches from side-stepping dealing with drop shippers, parcels, post office, and so on. Now, Rachel makes a significant commitment by saying you will NOT have to do any of this, so do not worry when you are working with her and her problem (we’ll have to wait and see). And this is the big reason you can be up and running within 2-4 weeks and even be profitable around the same time frame. Rachel says, “even if you are a complete newbie, you’ll still be a winner” Then Rachel starts to flash some of the wins she’s had with eCommerce, which is always good to show as long as they are legit. Here are some examples…

Rachel claims she made $6,207.70 on a mug which said “Best. Bus Driver. Ever.” She also made $21,513.11 on another mug, saying: “You are the luckiest dad in the world. I would love to have me as a daughter.”  Finally, Rachel claims to have made  $21,000+ on a coffee mug which says

Low-Hanging System Review (Rachel Rofe)


“Pugs make me happy. You, not so much.”…LOL. Rachel admits her results are not typical; she’s been at this for a while. However, here’s the thing, Rachel does claim that her results are NOT typical, and she was able to achieve them because she’s been at it for some time. You see, that way, she markets her sales pitch as a unique and practical opportunity. Ok, so now…

It’s time to hear about her program and the Low-Hanging System course. Rachel pushes to sell this training course as a stepping stone between you and living your dream lifestyle. Rachel says, “imagine living without any boss, having security, and the freedom to travel whenever you like. Also, you will live life with no alarm clock and no commute ever” (pretty strong words). To top all of this off, Rachel claims her methods still work even today, no matter what the economy is like. She has just published a new book called Ecom Fast-Track, which is dedicated to giving you the breakdown of this program. You LEARN how to create new ecommerce products in about 10 minutes and how to post them on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. But, the fantastic thing she claims is you can do all of this WITHOUT spending a single cent until they start selling.

Don’t forget that Rachel is still in her sales pitch for her program: Low-Hanging System. In terms of the cost, it will be $1,997, or you can split it into two (2) installments of $1,000. The training will be in video format, and you’ll also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you will get support from other LHS members. Oh yeah, the software is included, which will help you make unique product designs and a video Q&A with a lawyer. You also get Rachel’s very own Rolodex and more!

For my final thoughts, I would like to say that Rachels Low-Hanging Ecom course can be something big for those interested in starting an eCommerce business to sell products online. I have nothing wrong to say about the product because I know others who have made money using a similar system. But, I recommend you do your due diligence before getting started and only get involved if this is something you are passionate about…otherwise it will waste your time and effort.

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