The Lifestyle Blueprint Review (Aidan Booth)

Have you heard of the song “Get Your Freak On” by Missy Elliott? If so, I’m going to tell you about a guy named Aidan Booth and how he has been selling online courses since that sound first came out. Are you ready to hear his latest offer? It’s called the Lifestyle Blueprint, and it’s an easy way for starters to make loads of money selling products through eCommerce. The funny thing is he is pushing this online course so hard that in the first 5 minutes of his presentation, he used strong trigger words like SECRET, “LITTLE-KNOWN,” and “BREAKTHROUGH.”

What’s impressive is that he does all this and sells Walmart products online, but through clever ways like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I think this is a weak strategy. What happens is when he lists these items, and you click/buy them, Aiden will get a commission as a referral. It’s just like any other affiliate marketing business. So, you pick 5-10 items and list them, then redirect them to your Walmart store. The KEY also is to quickly kill the losers and scale the ones that are working. Can you believe Aiden has made $50k selling backyard swing sets and then went on to make another $16k selling an above-ground pool? CRAZY…, right? You can do this by selling on FREE networks and testing paid ads if you know how to use these paid networks.

Once you have mastered how to sell and scale the winning products, you can continue to scale. Some students make $10,000 per week doing this; he says this is not unrealistic as long as you use his HQ software suite. You see, this is where he gets into hardcore selling and makes his sales pitch to you. You must buy his HQ software suite, so Aiden will make another thousand a month selling his software. He’s a clever boy. Aiden claims this software includes some brilliant intelligent automation tools to help you skyrocket your conversions to generate massive sales. This tool also has something called PRODUCT picking, which helps you choose the best items to market and make money from. I’ve heard some people simply white-label another person’s software, mark it up, and sell it as if it were their own. How do I know? It’s because I have heard of other software doing the same thing. With that said,

Aiden says, “there is so much to get excited about because Profit Spy will give you instant access to millions of products you can sell online. This tool also gives you insights into the metrics of their current sales. In addition, you can filter by category and find products relevant to your niche.” He also claims that you can add these buttons to your store and other marketplaces like Facebook with a click of a mouse button.

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You see, I can understand how this is different and unique. Typically, people will use dropshipping through oversea suppliers, which can be ahead. However, Aiden is talking about using software to build an eCommerce store directing traffic to big-name stores to do all the heavy lifting for you…it does make sense! Aiden claims that not many people are doing this, so this is the perfect time for you to get in and make a massive profit. He is excited to introduce you to The Lifestyle Blueprint. Why “Lifestyle”? Because this package has everything you need to change your life around…lol…ya right! Finally, Aiden talks about his too/software being one of the BEST in the market today, using cutting-edge technology. This software gives you everything and is lightning-fast, allowing you to set up a shop in no more than a few days (2-3 max). However, I have one problem with this claim: Where are the reviews? I see many of them, but they are from 2020, nothing recent. So I’m now concerned Aiden Booth and his partner Steve Clayton removed them because these people felt scammed or the software didn’t promise to do what it was supposed to do. I don’t know…but this is extremely concerning.

Now, I know you guys are wondering what the cost is. It’s pretty steep, especially when you are starting and you already have some doubts. The ORIGINAL cost is $9,997, which Aiden believes is a steal either way; however, if you purchase the program today, you will be spending one payment of $1,988 or can split these into five (5) installments of $497 spaced 30 days apart. Everything here comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is the only thing I like about what I hear about this program. If you guys don’t like what you hear, then you have other options like “my favourite program” click below to find out more.