Christian Martin The Guaranteed Agency Review

Is starting an ad agency the right call for you? An individual by the name of Christian Martin is hoping you don’t start an agency, digital marketing agency, or even an online business. He explains that starting a business or agency from scratch is the worst thing you can do for yourself RIGHT NOW. Many expert gurus will agree with him because do you want to find clients, build funnels, learn new software, then rinse and repeat the entire process whenever you find a new client? Oh, you also have to write emails too, which can be a headache if this is something you haven’t done before.

While laughing, Christian says, “you can start one if you are willing to spend the next couple of years behind your computer building an agency from scratch. And much of this will also be done through trial and error. The entire process can be extremely stressful because you are figuring out what process works best with your clients, and by the time you do, you will have pulled out all your hair.” Also, once you have landed a client, you have to figure out what campaigns to run for them, what emails to send out, and even how much to charge them for your services or expertise. But what if there was a better way? I mean, head straight to the supplier or the source.

In Christian’s program – The Guaranteed Agency, he has everything you need. He has all the scripts, the funnels, the templates, the step-by-step checklist, forms, and everything you need to get started and save years doing it yourself. Did you know he has over 100 funnels ready to go and Christian and his team are willing to build you an agency that generates $9000.00 per month of recurring income…how does that sound? Christian guarantees these results and is willing to hop on a daily coaching call to guide you along the way. It doesn’t matter if you have an agency already or are just starting. You will have a private mentorship group and what he calls Boost Calls, where you get 1-on-1 help to ensure you do not get overwhelmed or anything. So, now I know you are wondering how long this will take and how much it will cost you.


Now, let’s answer these questions: First, in terms of timeline or how long it takes? In Week 1, you are officially locking in your spot. During this week, you will have an onboarding call to lay down the foundation for your business. In Week 2, you’ll enter the “The War Plan” phase. In this phase, you’ll choose a business name, design your website, and narrow down a niche. You will also choose an offer and determine what you will charge for your services. Now, what happens in Week 3? Christian will go through the entire system, lead generation and sales process. During this phase, you will go live and start scheduling appointments. And finally, in Week 4, you will take calls and close deals to generate profit. It’s going to be amazing!

After you have closed some deals that are fully up and running, it will be more of the same. For example, you are getting more calls, adding more clients, and going on your coaching calls with Christian. The main thing is not to mess up something good you have going on. Now, here’s the thing;  this is NOT going to be done for FREE, just like everything else; there will be a cost; however, it’s well worth it. This entire setup or agency with mentoring, growth, calls and everything (Guaranteed Agency) will cost you in the price range of  $5k to $25k, depending on the package you choose when signing up. Each one of these payment plans is available upon request.

So, here’s my take, and by this, I mean I have many concerns. First, Christian does NOT explain his guarantee. I mean, what happens if they cannot get you your $9,000 per month…then? My question is, do you get your investment back, or will they continue to work with you until you are fully there? Personally, this type of guarantee is worthless to me. Also, what happens if you don’t want to take the sales calls yourself or if you cannot get your clients the results you promised and they refuse to pay…what will you do then? I do have my concerns, so I recommend you think about this program being RIGHT for you before you get involved. Contact Christian and speak to him about his offer until you are 100% sure. If this is NOT right for you, then here is another one of my Favorite programs; just click the Orange button below.