The Author Machine Review (A.J. Juliani)

If you are an author, do you think you can earn a predictable six (6)- or even (7) from your business? Let me tell you about a guy named A.J. Juliani who has written eight (8) books, seven (7) of them being bestsellers. A.J. has tried using boutique publishing, self-publishing, and even getting help from a traditional publisher. It is impressive that he even collected money from Kickstarter for one of his books…so he has done it all!

This entire experience has taught him a lot, which is what he has figured out about turning books into big business. So, A.J now wants to teach all of you.

First, it used to work whenever A.J would launch a book; he would get some royalties, and the rest of what he made from the book depended on how it performed over time. For example, the better the sales, the more royalties would come his way. However, nothing he ever earned would be life-changing, which is disappointing. So, what A.J Juliani quickly learned was that the actual money came from creating sales and leveraging the popularity of these books to land speaking gigs at conferences and events. Now. But here’s the thing, speaking at events can earn you a lot of money, and the experience is amazing (meeting people and traveling all over the world), but this lifestyle can impact your health. You can get exhausted, and you don’t get to spend much time with your family. So, here’s something else, how do you scale such a business? I mean, what else can you do to make more money from speaking gigs?

Throughout all of this, A.J also learned another valuable lesson: whatever is up will come down sooner or later. In short, your book will start to decline in sales, eventually leading to lesser speaking gigs…right? So then the circle starts over, writing another book hoping it will sell, speaking at gigs, exhausted from traveling, etc. If you ask me, this doesn’t sound like a lifestyle many would want to live…right?

So, for the next several years, A.J thought of creative ways for people to make money online. First, he implemented his new ideas and made $60.000 from his business; then, he wrote a book outlining his entire game plan showing people how to make money from his ideas on their own. He called this new program – The Author Machine! At this point, A.J opened his own company calling it the Adaptable Learning company. This company has done some fantastic things, helping other authors and experts and other organizations create online courses/training programs. His company became so popular that in 2021, the Adaptable Learning Company made the 5000 lists. A.J stated the following: ”I never thought this would happen. My customer’s business grew too…it was indeed a win-win for both of us.”

Adaptable Curriculum

I know you want to hear more about this program and if it’s right for you. Some of you may also be skeptical, so I will tell you how this works. Well, you create long-form YouTube content, chop it up and repurpose it. The traffic from this content and YouTube channel will be funneled to a landing page. This traffic will opt into your email and, if you have one, give them a chance to join your Facebook group. The ones that opt-in and join your group will get a training video full of value. Then, over time you can follow up with them and build a relationship to continue providing them with value and help them grow their business. You will have your training course which people can buy for a small price…It’s absolutely amazing!

Don’t worry if you have nothing to offer to people landing on your page and joining your Facebook group because A.J will help you fine-tune a product right for you and your audience. This usually includes a package with a mix of video tutorials, a private Facebook Group, live weekly Q&A calls, collab opportunities, and some special guests you bring in an interview occasionally. But that is it. Everything goes into this one program. With that said,

If you still want a clear-cut explanation of what the Author Machine program is about, it’s training that helps writers build a $100k per month business which solves problems. After you consistently hit the $30,000 per month mark, the Author Partners program will help you scale past the six-figure-a-month mark even faster. So, what? A.J. doesn’t say; you’ll have to book a call to find out.