The 2-Day Workshop Review (Tiffany and Josh High)

If you are an active home wholesaler looking for a way to scale your business, let me introduce you to Tiffany and Josh High. These two have been in the business for some time. They want to give you access to their system and process, generating up to $4 million in real estate investment annually. Tiffany says, “I’m NOT an expert, but I hustle every day to make things happen. I work hard every day to get the results I want, so I want to do the same for you”. Tiffany then goes on to explain her style and what she can do for you…but first,

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Tiffany states her system is all about giving you the knowledge you need to find the RIGHT people to work for you. These people are highly focused and ready to put in the work. She says you will learn how to pick them, train them, onboard them, and teach them how to hit those daily KPIs. You will LEARN how to turn them into leaders so they can go out and keep building the business for you. To sweeten the deal, Tiffany says that her methods are recession-proof, and if you are serious, you can show up to her and Joshes offices to get mentored for two days. This mentorship will teach you how to close more deals and generate leads. You will learn how to handle cash flow and hire leaders so the business can run without you. Tiffany emphasized that it’s NOT going to be easy, but you will have the training, tools, and SOP’s on your side. Then, it’s all about putting in the RIGHT work, which means working very hard. Now…

How This Couple Flips 20+ Houses Per Month! | Tiffany & Josh High EP. 049 -  YouTube


Tiffany goes on to summarize a bit more about her business model. First, she says you have to work with what you already have, ensuring it’s stabilized. This means making sure you have the RIGHT system in place. This system means growing your people within the company, perfecting your current process, and a system to generate more leads. For example, Tiffany says, “Josh and I do around 20+ deals every month, which equates to around $4 million per year. We are on track to pass that this year. Oh, and I work only 1 hour a day because I put a good system in place.” Next,

If you choose to drop by her office, she promises to give you the entire strategy within two (2) days. Think about moving fast from where you are today to where you want to go in a short time. Tiffany adds, “your business will be doing more while you are doing much less.” She claims her goal is to give you the freedom to do what you want and enjoy time off with your family. She wants to give you the shortcut to this freedom. “Spend two (2) in my office, and you will see it all. For example, you will see the people I have working for me, how I scale my business, market it, handle the cash flow, and even the commission structure I have in place for my team. It’s amazing!” Now, here is my take…

I think this is just a sales pitch period. Tiffany keeps saying the same stuff repeatedly, giving me a headache. Where is the proof she has made the $4 million she keeps promoting? I’m also sure that she has enormous bills to pay, which cuts that profit down enormously. Next, I don’t like it when nobody tells you the price upfront because this means it’s going to be high, which is tough, especially when you are just starting. My advice is to do your due diligence before you jump in with her. Also, check out my other favourite program by hitting that fabulous orange button below.

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