Tax Lien Code Review – Brian Peterson

In 2005, Brian Peterson dropped out of College to pursue real estate full-time. For the next three (3) years, Brian made some decent money wholesaling and flipping single-family homes. Unfortunately, when the housing market crashed in 2008, he had a tough time (as many people did). A few months later, it was able to regroup and made money from multi-family homes. Still, the headaches of renters in his place were very tough, so he decided to change things again. What did he do? He went into something called tax liens. Let’s explore how you can make passive income from it…ready?

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First, Brian says what he knows will change how you do real estate, and if you are NOT doing tax liens, he wants to know why not? In one of his YouTube ads promoting his strategy, he says, “Why are you not investing in what I think is one of the most passive, highest rates of return in all of real estate.” Maybe it’s because you don’t know the tax lien concept, and it can be a bit scary when you hear “tax,” right? Then Brian will show you what a tax certificate is. Still, he doesn’t go into details because he claims to be coming to your area to offer free classes to review all the specifics. You must wait for his class to learn more about tax liens…ok? But,

Brian will go over five quick things right now. And, he says, these are the following: First, to get started in what Brian teaches you, it doesn’t require a considerable investment. Brian has students who have already made money after a few years, starting with no more than a few hundred dollars. These students are making close to 7- and 8-digits scaling their portfolios. Secondly, if you are wondering how to find these tax lien certificates, Brian says he’ll show you how to find them suitable from home. Did you know most counties post them on their website? The team will show you how to locate them precisely and what to do afterward. Let’s continue,

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Brian says, “After doing all my research, this is truly the safest way to get 2 x the returns of your investment. Instead of the typical 5–6% ROI that MOST governments offer, we get on average 15-16%…which is an enormous rate…right.” Brian then says that you can even get a 25- to 30% mandated return in some states. Now, just to be clear, I’m not sure how legitimate his claim is because these are high numbers, so you have to be careful. Anyways, this is what Brian claims, so understand it’s a “claim”…cool? Let’s move on to number 4.

Brian says using his model, there will only be two (2) possible outcomes. A) You will get 2 x the ROI the government will mandate, or B) You will have the opportunity to acquire the property for a fraction of the price. “It’s a win-win situation because there is no way you can lose from this deal. Think about it, either way, you will make money upfront or later on when you sell the property for more than you got it for…right?” says Brian. It’s been 20 years, and Brian says he’s come out on top except when he had the market crash in 2008. Anyways, it’s a very lucrative business…that’s the bottom line!. What’s number 5…

This model is highly scalable. Brian claims that he has been able to teach something like 40K+ people how to use his strategy. Oh, this is throughout the last 12 years. These people have been able to go out independently and become experts in what they do. They then hire a team and earn even more. Finally, what his students are learning will put them in a place to teach others and earn from training students who join their program. “Start with a few hundred dollars, then rinse and repeat your way to the top,” says Brian. Oh, I love the next question someone asks: If I make all this money…won’t I have to pay taxes too? Brian smiles and laughs before saying:

“This is a great problem to have…no? You are complaining about paying taxes on large sums of money you are earning…how is this possible? Personally, I would think this is a great problem to have because this means you must be bringing in income. The only people who don’t pay a lot in taxes are the ones with low incomes. It’s good not to be part of that group.” In my opinion, Brian wants to get you to his FREE event so he can say things to amaze you before telling you it will cost you $1,497 for the Tax Lien Code membership. I’m sure you have to worry about upsells too. Anyways, with something so profitable, why even teach it to people? That’s what I want to know…right?

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