Kingdom Builders Academy Review (Tamara Lowe)

The Kingdom Builders Academy founder Tamara Lowe turns every Christian into a best-seller author, high-ticket coach, and prominent stage speaker. She boasts herself as a New York Times bestselling author, but I tried to find some proof of her claim, and I wasn’t able to find anything at all. I guess I’ll continue, so because of what she can do, Tamara is now reaching out to all Christians, speakers, and coaches to join the Kingdom Builders Academy. Oh, if you are not any of those coaches or speakers, don’t worry if you want to be one, then this program is right for you too. Let’s review the Kingdom Builders Academy

So Tamara starts by saying, ”I have a live event every year where I teach Christians how to make a considerable impact and massive income as a coach, speaker, and even as an online entrepreneur. Tickets are sold out every single year.”  So this is what she says, but I am yet to find proof of this, To attend in person, tickets are over $1,000, but this time (this year), I will be doing this event online, which will be held as a three (3) day live event. Tamara is saying she has a FREE ticket waiting for you. So, Tamara thinks she’s doing us justice by providing this even for free online because I’ve been in this game a long time and usually know anything free has a high-ticket product at the end of it…lol. Tamara’s answer is ”because God has asked me to offer you this event.”…(what! That’s nuts). Tamara says she’s spent about a decade helping celebrities worldwide build their brands, and she’s talking about people like George Foreman, Colin Powell, Terry Bradshaw, and even former president George W. Bush! Tamara makes it seem like we wouldn’t know who these people are if it wasn’t for Tamara…ya! I think she is full of crap! Let’s continue…

Tamara says,” God has directed me to help average people, the ordinary joes. God wants me to give you the support and tools you need to fulfill your passion.” Tamara then says she’s already helped over 100,000 Christian leaders in 124 nations. Tamara says when helping these people, she produced thousands of best sellers (lol), and some have even built 17,000+ businesses, too…(lol). My question is, how can Tamara even track how many businesses were successful, etc.? This seems a little too far-fetched.

Kingdom Builders Academy


Ok, so the word is she and the team have done tens of millions of dollars in revenue. But, she fails to prove this, so I’m unsure if I believe her on this claim too. When she throws out these numbers, she tries to build hype for her training Academy. Tamara says, “now it’s your turn to build your dream. God never called you to an average life. So, that’s why I want you to be my special guest at my live event – Kingdom Builders Live.“ Tamara then says that if you want this to be the year of your life, jumping in with both feet is what you need to do. It’s time for you to learn how to publish bestselling books and make millions…haha. Not only that, Tamara says,” what you’ll learn will help you create some of the best online courses and programs….so reserve your seat today so you can start your journey towards financial freedom.” So, here is what I think.

I don’t trust anything Tamara is saying. She boasts a lot without any actual This woman, I think, will just say whatever she has to say to sell her Kingdom Builders Academy program. Here’s what I would like, I would love for Tamara to send us a list of the New York Times bestsellers she’s created over the years. But, if Tamara is not telling us the truth, I think she’ll just say it was God’s Whatever! I would rather check out my favourite program, which does make sense! Click the button below.