Sell Your Knowledge Review (Tai Lopez)

A lot of people think that money goes in cycles…and I genuinely believe it does. Another person who believes that money does go in cycles is Tai Lopez. So, Tai Lopez started marketing at an early age with lead generation; then, he moved into Facebook ads and YouTube ads. He has an infamous – He in my garage video, which generated enormous views. After, he played his hand at social media, eCommerce, real estate, and Crypto, too….lol. He’s done it! Tai Lopez started early, making millions doing everything he did. Now, I’m wondering what his play is today… what is he working on right now…let’s find out…

In one of his MOST recent videos, Tai Lopez says: “I’m going to give you a single phrase which is “profit margin. So, the best business for you to get involved in would be one (1) which gives you the HIGHEST profit margins.” Then, he uses Walmart as an example, saying they have a profit margin of 1%-2% and not to start this kind of business until you are established and have a considerable reputation (advanced). So, you see, Tai sees what people keep recommending on TikTok, and he claims they are telling you to start the wrong type of business.

“Either they don’t know what they are talking about, or they don’t want to share the truth with you so they can continue to cash in. To make your first $10 million, you must focus on a business with massive profit margins. This business gives you room in marketing, and each sale will continue to be profitable even after all your expenses are paid.” So, Tai Lopez then explains that high marketing costs, shipping, and selling a physical product will kill your high-profit margins. I guess he makes sense because the fuel cost is going higher, which means the shipping cost will continue to increase…right?

Tai Lopez's Net Worth - Plunged in Debt


Then, Tai mentions how he made his profit selling digital products like educational courses because he could keep it all as profit. He just created the course once and was able to cash in time and time again. Next, if people want a refund…no problem. You don’t need to ship anything back to the high shipping costs DON’T apply to you either way. Tai says, “digital products are how I made my fortune, and I made well over nine (9) figures in revenue selling information online.”

So, here’s where Tai Lopez will introduce his course…

He says many people ask him to teach them how to turn their knowledge into a course to sell to others. They want Tai to show them how to create something (a digital product) and market it for those 99% profit margins. For example, some people have cooking knowledge, martial arts, etc., but don’t know how to create a digital product out of it and then find the right place to sell it without having to pay massive percentages to the portal for selling your product.

So, Tai’s answer to all of this is to show you how to do this all yourself, so you don’t have to pay those massive percentages to anyone. Instead, you can keep the entire profit for yourself and get those high-profit margins. Remember, Tai has done this repeatedly so many times that he knows exactly what to do and the entire process that works.  Tai Lopez has a coaching program where he will show you how to create a website, a payment system, and a course. Then he will show you how to market it so you can generate sales for years. The only thing is, you will have to share a small profit with Tai

Anyways, the price of the program is “really low”; this is what Tai says because he wants people to get in. He has a low price to get people in and have others leave reviews to promote his product even more. He says he’ll give you all the tools you need to conquer this business, but if he has priced it low, that means the more people you will be competing with to get started…hmmm…I don’t know…I think Tai Lopez has done a lot and may have too much on his plate to manage all of this.