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Some of the hottest tech companies seek to fill positions in customer success and sales. How would you like to work for some of these reputable companies? Well, the  SV Academy claims they can help and are confident they can get you a job within the next few weeks. They take this promise one step further by saying you will make 75000+ annually. Oh, the best part of this is that you won’t pay anything for the training…how cool…huh?SV Academy can give you the support, training, and tools you need to get started.

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So, here’s the deal, the SV Academy has two (2) ways they say they can help you get into the tech industry…let’s explore them. First, starting as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) is a significant step forward. In this role, you will do outbound prospecting. For this SDR training, you will enroll in 300 hours of training divided into small groups with instructor-led training. This training also includes self-paced work and virtual projects for employers. The key is gaining technical experience and knowledge about the industry. Let’s explore option number 2 – you can start as a Customer Service Associate (CSA).

In this role, you will work closely with customers to build value. This training is four weeks and is led by an instructor with some self-paced. In these four weeks of training, you are mentored by a customer success leader in the industry. After, you will be in an 8-week internship at one of the top tech companies paying you $10,000. This will open up more doors for you and allow you to network with up-and-comers in the tech community.

Ultimately, completing your training is all about focusing and hard work. SV Academy will use its connections to jump-start your career in the right direction. For example, did you know over 400,000 companies turn to SV Academy when they are looking to hire talent (so they claim)?

SV Academy Review (2023): 8 Things You Should Know!


Here’s the awesome thing with SV Academy: a career coach will work with you to assess the best match for you, depending on your skills and experience afterwards. Your coach will also assess your goals to align you with your dream job in the future. Check this out, Vimeo, Udemy, Handshake, and SurveyMonkey have all hired graduates from SV Academy. So, now how does this entire process work?

SV Academy invests in you, and you will pay them back later. You also have to pay them a $100 commitment fee so that you can take part in their program. There are NO upfront costs, but when you land the high-paying job, you will have to pay SV Academy back the tuition they invested in you. This cost is anywhere from 10K to 20K. Here’s the thing, after you get hired, you have approx. With thirty days to pay them back, SV says, “Not to worry because a lot of the companies in our network are more than willing to provide you with scholarships as part of the hiring package.” However, my question is…what will happen if you don’t land a job, then what?

If six months have passed and you have NOT been able to find a job, then you are totally off the hook (really?) …this sounds way too good to be true! If you make millions in the future, do you owe SV Academy more money…nope! Is there any interest? Nope! And, how long after graduation can you land a job? SV Academy says you will be in a job within 27 days. Oh, how about relocation? Well, this will depend on the job you just landed.

Ok, so what are the requirements when applying to SV Academy? First, you must be legally entitled to work within the United States. Second, for the CSA program, you will need a bachelor’s degree. If you enroll in SV Academy’s full-time program, you cannot be working full-time, and they do have some options for the part-time program you should check out. With that said,

I like the SV Academy model because the risks seem low, which I like to hear. Anyways, you should check it out. Don’t forget to click the orange button below to learn about my other favourite program.

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