Subto Review (Pace Morby) – What Is This All About?

Pace Morby likes to describe himself as a “creative finance junkie.” Suppose you do a lot of work online. In that case, you’ve probably seen his peace all over the internet mentioning subject-to-real estate deals. But, I know many of you still want answers like: What are some of Pace’s courses? How much do they cost? Does he coach or mentor you? I have found the answers, so scroll down for my Subto review.

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From what I have gathered when referring to subject-to deals, you are working out a deal with the seller to take over the title of their property. When you d this, you will also take over their mortgage payments, but nothing changes with the loan because it will remain in their name. In essence, you are buying the home subject to keeping the original financing in place, but why would someone want to do this, and what are some of the advantages? Let’s continue,

When you are involved with sub-to, you (the investor) can buy real estate without good credit or capital. In other words, you will save time and money by not borrowing large sums of money…right? This investing model allows you to benefit from real estate deals that others do not find interesting. Some of these people include wholesalers, fixes and flippers, etc. The benefit to the seller is that if they fall behind on their mortgage payments, it’s a way for them to avoid foreclosure, ultimately protecting their credit score. In short, this sub-to model can be a win-win for both parties involved.

Many have said sub-to-deals are the quickest and least complicated for investors to grow their real estate portfolio. Oh, and it’s incredibly affordable since you get awesome deals for a fantastic price. However, mentioning some of the risks involved with this model is essential. For example, suppose the seller decides to declare bankruptcy leading to the home getting foreclosed. In that case, the equity you put in an increase in smoke. You will need a good lawyer if you get involved with subject-to-deals. Ok, let’s explore Pace Morby a bit more.

Pace Morby Review


Pace says whenever you’re looking at sub-to deals, you must ask yourself: Is there any margin here? For example, can you rent the property to someone for more than the monthly mortgage payment? Pace says, “If this is possible, then I may decide to proceed, and I’m looking to make around $400 per month from this deal.” Pace claims to own 50 houses within his portfolio, and Subto does make a good percentage of them. Pace publishes a lot of social media content, trying to prove he is out there applying what he teaches in his training. is a website that Pace has created with a funnel where he would book a strategy call with you to explain his program more. His training costs around $7,800, including tools, training videos, a Facebook support page, etc. You can also enroll in his advanced program to learn about something he calls AstroFlipping  (probate addition to subject-to). The price will be something like $10,800 because it includes virtual assistants for three (3) months and a CRM bonus. You know there will be upsells with live events and masterminds bumping the price to 19K (yikes). Now,

I researched online, and people say Pace Morby is the real deal. Some reviews say that “this is the best money they have ever spent” or “the training is detailed, and the support is amazing.”

Look, with real estate, I have always stayed clear about real estate because there is a lot of money involved, and one lousy deal can lead to you losing enormous amounts of money. With that said, if you are looking for excellent training that can pay for itself within a month, try virtual real estate. Is this sound like something you would be interested in…click the orange button because there is a resource below with your name on it.

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