Stock Advisor Review (The Motley Fool)

Today, I will talk about a company that has spent millions of dollars on a YouTube advertisement to promote its stock advisor service. The company name is Motley Fool, and I’m sure you have heard of them if you have invested in stocks before. The way I look at it is that if they could spend 1 million dollars on the ad, they must be making some serious coin…right? Now, people want to know if it can do the same for you. Can these guys help you beat the market and move you closer to financial freedom? Now, I’m sure many also want to know what their Stock Advisor service include and how much does it cost? Well, stay tuned for me for my Stock Advisor review.

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So, the following two (2), Tom and David Gardner, are the brains behind  The Motley Fool. They worked hard and launched this company as a financial services and media company back in 1993. Can you believe their website reels in around 32 million people per month, all coming from FREE organic traffic? If you want to check out their website, it’s Anyways, these guys utilize paid marketing for additional leads to add more butter to the bread. For example, Google, YouTube, and Facebook are all responsible for thousands of monthly leads (wow). They offer paid and premium programs to make money, but it’s no secret that their main product is the Stock Advisor.

So, let’s find out what the  Stock Advisor subscription is about. First, let’s explore what the service offers. As a member, you will get unlimited access to the portal, where they will provide you with world-class services designed to increase your net worth. You will also get 2+ stock picks every month straight from the investing (co-founders) themselves, Tom and David. These guys have done all the work for you, so you just have to sit back and invest or skip; that’s your choice!

Tom and David say they have one objective: to optimize your portfolio in just 5 minutes monthly. Check out The Motley Fool philosophy: They say the best chance of you succeeding in the stock market is to buy the 15 best stocks and hold on to them for at least 5 years. Now, this does seem like a long time to me! Anyways, they do admit within these 5 years, the stocks will go up and down, but if you get into the stocks at the right time, you will cash in after. (makes sense)

david and tom gardner


Now, here are some statistics, around 700,000 people have bought the Stock Advisor subscription since it was first started. Tom and David say they have perfected their program and research so well that over the last 18 years, they have outperformed the gold standard S&P 500 by 5x. Now,  how does the Stock Advisor team do this? They say by performing in-depth research into the market and finding companies that have been overlooked. Then, they look for companies doing something special that will make a big splash in the world. These are the same companies which are under the Wall Street radar. So, the Stock Advisor program costs around $99 for year one, and after the first year, the price gets bumped to $199. These guys also offer a monthly price of $39, and you can cancel anytime you like. So you are not locked in. Oh, if you are an annual member who paid upfront, you are backed by the 30-day money-back guarantee. So, is this program worth it? Yes, of course, if you are an active investor, you can make back the annual fee with 1 single trade…right? I find it affordable with a lot of great information! However, you always have complaints with each product, and the Stock Advisor is no different.

For example, members say once you have signed up, they keep getting emails for more paid products. These programs are way more expensive than the Stock Advisor program. I think this is a deal breaker because the last thing I want is for other programs to email me with expensive offers. Anyways,

But the fact is that this is a business, and as long as you are willing to spend money, they will keep pushing things your way. But you can’t blame them because they do this to make money; it’s business at the end of the day…right? However, I respect these guys don’t tell you fake stories to get hype and boost sales. From my experience, these guys are the real deal! I understand they have too many upsells, but I already explained why they do it….it’s business!

Anyways, suppose you are not interested in the stock market. In that case, I encourage you to check out some other solid programs. I’ve done quite well building small websites and renting them out to local businesses that want more leads to scale their profit. Check it out by clicking the beautiful orange button below. 🙂

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