Too Late To Start A YouTube Channel In 2023?

There are so many people who are making millions of dollars from YouTube, like Graham Stephan, SSSniperWolf, and a bazillion. Oh, and so many others, but these are just a few which came to mind. Anyways, I know you are wondering if you can be one of them and earn thousands a month through YouTube. Is it too late to start a YouTube channel in 2023? I know you are probably concerned about the competition in your niche, with hundreds of creators on the platform who would be doing the same thing as you. But think about it, if you can find a way to tap into the audience, there can be millions of dollars waiting for you.

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My thoughts are if you can make content that people want to watch and are consistently creating good content, then sooner or later, you will be able to build a following on your network. From my experience, it’s a like a snowball effect, so once you get rolling, you keep going (lol). I understand how the game has changed with so much competition, but think about how bad it will be in five (5) years from now. You’ll be happy you started right now compared to waiting…right? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

When searching for content, we will never only watch a single piece of content. I mean, think about how many channels you have subscribed to in the past for the same thing. For example, when I watch “career” based content, I search and subscribe to multiple channels because some people better explain what I’m looking for. It’s fantastic because the YouTube algorithm has made it more accessible for people to get FREE targeted traffic through their platform. Did you know it’s one of the best search engines providing you with information on what people are looking for, etc? With that said,

YouTube to pilot test shopping from livestreams with select creators | TechCrunch


Once you have a huge enough following, you can start to monetize the traffic in different ways like sponsorships, ad revenue, and even affiliate marketing. The only thing I don’t like about YouTube is that they control everything; I mean, they can take you down for whatever they like, which means even banning your account. For example, some people got banned for using the word covid (ouch). You have to be very careful when creating videos on YouTube; it’s that simple! Let’s continue,

If you are good to continue starting your YouTube channel, here’s what multi-millionaire YouTuber Vanessa Lau recommends. First, choose your audience (not a niche) but an audience. She says, “Instead of starting a finance channel, it would be a good idea to focus on teenagers who don’t know how to manage their money and are looking for some advice or tools to help them out.”  Doing this will make you stand out compared to everyone else in this area, and you will not get sick of just creating random content, not knowing what people in the finance niche like to watch. Here’s the second tip:

Vanessa says you have to review your analytics and 2 x what works for you. YouTube does a great job of providing information on what videos work and what is not. Use this information to understand what your audience likes to watch and create more of the same. But, you will have to upload content for a few months until you get enough data to pivot to specific topics compared to others. Third, optimize your cover banner and about us page so people know what your channel is all about. I mean, why will people want to subscribe? At the same time, pick an upload schedule (stick to it) and add external links to an opt-in page so you can collect email addresses to update people on your channel. Let’s continue,

Four, create a bunch of videos before you start uploading so your channel looks busy. Also, this gives you some breathing room to think about your following content while you have some already scheduled to be posted. Trust me, I have some experience creating YouTube content, and it’s always hard to be recording/publish. So the best advice from Vanessa is to have a bunch ready so you don’t feel pressured to record all the time. Let’s move on to tip 5,

Always have your equipment finetuned because you never know when you will have inspiration for a new video. So don’t cheap out on your equipment; be ready to go when the time is right. Also, you don’t want to run out of battery when you are 90% done with your video…lol. Six, perfection is essential, but it’s not everything. Keep it in your mind but don’t let it delay your work. The key is to get your channel going and to get videos published…that is number 1.

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