SMMA 4.0 Review (Tai Lopez) – Is It Even Worth It?

Recently, Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr have run their Retail Ecommerce Ventures into the ground. I mean, these guys completely destroyed what others may say was a good thing. I think it’s because they could NOT sustain it WITHOUT any money. Anyways, according to the New York Post, REV (whatever that is) is about $200 million in debt, forcing them to burn through cash and not knowing what move to make next. Anyways, through all of this, they haven’t been able to pay back investors, further leading to several lawsuits. So,

 Both of them had disappeared in the last few months, but they are back more confident than ever in promoting biz ops (which scares me). I don’t really trust biz ops, but let’s still hear these guys out.

Tai Lopez is promoting something unique utilizing AI technology. His new thing is called Social Media Marketing Agency 4.0. In other words, he charges small businesses monthly to manage their social media marketing. But, knowing the way Tai Lopez does business, I have a feeling this one won’t last long, and tomorrow, he’ll be prompting crypto, real estate, eCom or something else…lol. Anyway, let’s stick to his MOST recent project called SMMA 4.0 and what you need to know. So…

Tai Lopez first started with SMMA 1.0 in 2016, and he based it on something called the 10-10-10 rule. What is this rule? He’s launching something you can do for 10 years, with the potential to make $10 million dollars, and 0-100, it causes less than %10 percent of brain damage, which means less stress, and you can manage whatever you’re doing within 1-2 per day. “After all of these years, my SMMA model is still holding up,” claims Tai. Let’s find out more…the structure looks something like this:

For example, if I reach out to a plastic surgeon and they need help with email and SMS marketing, I can bring them on as clients. However, the KEY is to focus on a region like Los Angeles and start calling them, “I scanned your website; you are not heading in the right direction, and I can change that, leading to more profit in your pockets.” Tai says it’s all a numbers game because if you call 100 of them over a month, you will lock in at least 2-3…right?

Tai Lopez - YouTube


You have to target those businesses which charge a lot to customers. In the case of Plastic Surgeons, they can make thousands of dollars from each patient, which means you can charge them 3K per month for your services. And hey, offer them a discount for paying upfront…that’s an easy 20K for the month. It’s so worth it for them because they are making a decent amount from patients, so they are more than happy to share it with you. Now comes the amazing thing called “word of mouth” referrals.

Surgeons tend to have friends in the same business, and when you do a good job, you know they will talk to others about you. More clients for you with some all over the world. This business model can be used in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia…it doesn’t matter! Let’s not forget in other niches, too! You can do website designs, Facebook and Google ads, and other stuff. There are so many verticals you can use to make money. Now comes the sales pitch…

Tai says he can teach you how to do all of this because he considers himself the number 1 social media marketer on the planet…lol. But here’s the thing: Tai says you can even get businesses to pay you even if you have no experience or even proof to show them. You see, this is where I get turned off my presentations because I feel as though they are duping me into joining something, so they get paid, and that’s it. The rest…who cares? Tai says, “If you have no experience, don’t worry because this is why I have created  SMMA 4.0, and to learn more, you just have to book a call with Tai’s “right-hand guy” to learn more.”  BTW, Tai mentions nothing about price…

Look, I’ve seen a lot of these types of offers, and I’m always skeptical. I want to know if Tai will be there for me when it counts the MOST. I hope he doesn’t take my money, and he’s off chasing rainbows, leaving me to pick up the pieces. You never know…right?