Shadow Blitz Review (Lance Ippolito)

Lance Ippolito calls his trading secret the Shadow Blitz. Lance says he knows some regulatory loopholes that have changed the game for him in terms of the way he trades. You see, this loophole gives Lance some information which allows him to buy stocks right before they explore. What’s the result of all this? Lance was able to bring in profits of approx $24,000+ every single week (seriously?). Now, he makes these big claims on his YouTube ad I just watched. I’m skeptical about everything Lance says, but I will still hear him out. Scroll down for my Shadow Blitz Alerts review.

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Lance says, “Whenever a stock is in the Shadow Blitzes status, it’s guaranteed to spike in the next 24 hours. So, when I figured out how powerful my strategy was, I hired a team of the best developers in the world so they could build a tool. This tool was designed to be as relevant to the institutional hedge fund technology (and as powerful).” Lance says his upper edge is that he can schedule the trade ahead of time with this tool. However, his ability to schedule a trade allows him to do what he wants. The trade occurs automatically, with him returning massive gains (profits).

Lance says you can do the same, and he can show you how. Then he continues, “I promise it’s as easy as 1,2 and 3. Whenever I detect a stock will explode, I will send you an alert so you can jump in and place your trade.” Then Lance says you can do what you want because our system will allow you to schedule your trade. The key is to cash out within 24 hours of your trade, which is what you will do…that is the purpose behind the Shadow Blitz. Lance says, “The amazing thing is anyone can do this with or without experience or skills.”

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Lance provides some proof to sell you over. For example, he says a client named Larry had a return of 1000% overnight. Then Lance continues that you can also be a winner using his Shadow Blitz tool. “It’s all about tapping into the alerts, and you receive two (2) each week for the entire year. The cost for using this service is $1,999 annually, or you have an option for lifetime access for $2497.00 (the price will triple soon enough.”)

Here are some of my thoughts, and I want to be brutally honest. This entire thing is a complete SCAM! Lance and his team are the same guys who run WealthPress, and these guys should be behind bars. I would be surprised if they are NOT behind bars within a couple of years. Here’s why I say this: Lance’s ads are the same as Raging Bull cofounders Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond. By the way, these two are being sued by the FTC for one hundred and thirty-seven million dollars. (all assets have been frozen too). You can read about the lawsuit here. The FTC claims these guys marketed their services inaccurately, costing people (older people) a lot of money. In short, these guys are in a lot of trouble…anyways…

Lance Ippolito is now claiming the same kind of thing through his “set it and forget it” type system, and I think this will get you in a lot of trouble and him too. The Shadow Blitz will not benefit you in the future, so I would avoid it at all costs. However, there are much safer training programs like my recommendation below. You can check it out by clicking the Orange button.

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