Reviewing Ryan Pineda’s Net Worth – 6.7 million? (Is This Legit)

So it’s been said that Ryan Pineda makes a ton of money doing what he loves to do. I guess what everyone wants to know is how much money does he actually make and where does all of it come from? Finally, what is Ryan Pineda’s networth? Today, I will answer all of these questions! You see, Ryan is said to have made 2.5 million last year after completing 100+ deals with his team. Here’s the crazy thing…

Ryan Pineda has now replaced the way he does his business with a new system, structures and more talented people. Yet, even with all of these changes he’s made, he’s pocketing around 100K per month.

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Ryan’s most precious company is the one he built, where he has to have no active involvement. This company also nets him more than a million dollars annually, so he has time to spend it any way he wants…travelling, buying cars and homes, and caring for his family. However, Ryan has said, “What I love MOST is that I have free time to create content for you guys and all of my brands.” Now, in terms of his highest-paying revenue stream is rental properties. Ryan has made a fortune from 30 properties combining airbnbs, multi-family homes, and single-family homes. He even has a complex coming soon that Ryan plans on renting. Ryan says, “These are some of the best investments I’ve made because these properties produce around $17,000 monthly in cash flow.” (WOW).

Ryan sees potential in real estate so much that he plans on coming out with his own real estate fund -Pineda Capital. Now…

He has a third income stream: stocks and investing in his retirement. Unfortunately, Ryan can’t touch this money because it is for his retirement. It’s reported that the value of this fund is around $300,000, and it pays him dividends of $500 per month. Ryan has said he puts this away and lets it build up over time.

Fourth, Ryan has been vocal about his investment in cryptocurrencies. He loves crypto so much that he has around $700,000 sitting and growing in his wallet. Ryan has also put his crypto in an interest-bearing account which earns around 5% and equals $35,000 ($3,000 monthly) per year (at this rate). Great, let’s move on to his income stream number 5…

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This is Ryan’s Las Vegas real estate brokerage firm, Forever Home Realty. Can you believe they have 90 agents working for them, earning commission off every single one? So, these guys focus on real estate, general investments, and social media. With everything said and done, Ryan makes ten Gs a month. And income stream number 6 is another company he owns with his partner TrueBooks CPA. This firm specializes in accounting, tax advice, and bookkeeping services for real estate. Ryan sees enormous potential in this business and has invested heavily, so no profit is being made from it yet.

Ryan also plays around with eCommerce, his income stream number 7. Ryan loves to dropship products from China to customers he gets from an Amazon FBA store. He just started this new store but still profits around $15,000 per month, which is fantastic if you add it to everything else he’s making from other businesses.

Income stream number eight is YouTube. He generates money through ads on his YouTube channel, around $12,000 monthly. Ryan is working hard to build his ad revenue to $100,000 monthly this year. Number 9, Ryan makes a ton of money off sponsorships and affiliates on, for example, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and his podcast combined, bringing in around $30,000 a month, which is insane…right? However, Ryan has stated he puts this money back into his business, like creating more content, so he breaks even. Now,

Ryan loves to write and is the author of his book, Flip Your Future. All-in-all, Ryan is bringing in around $3,000 in royalties from this business. Now comes his most considerable income stream: training and educational courses. Ryan says this is his best investment because it equals around $150,000 per month and continues to increase as he invests more time into it. Ryan is optimistic and believes that he can take up to half a million a month by the end of the year with some more effort. So, what is Ryan Pineda networth? Let’s do the math – Ryan makes around $300,000 monthly from 11 different businesses, so I estimate he is worth 6.7 million dollars.

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