Why Russell Brunson Stepped Down As ClickFunnels CEO

Russell Brunson has had an incredible run as the CEO of ClickFunnels. Still, he is now stepping down, and people are wondering why he has made this decision. As the CEO of ClickFunnels, Russell transformed the company by raising the bar and crushing all the goals it set out to attain. Russell worked on the administrative side of the business. He was limited in terms of the creative decisions he could make. This was where his passion lay, so he decided to make a decision that would change his life. A decision which would free him from the daily grid of 9-5. So, today, I decided to shift things up and NOT talk about marketing programs but how he came to make this decision. Let’s get started!

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So, an Elite Mastermind event in Fiji was hosted by none other than Tony Robbins. This event is where people elevate their minds and try to find answers to some of their MOST difficult questions. At the event, Russell would have an opportunity to ask Tony Robbins any question he wanted and ask him if he should step down as the CEO of ClickFunnels. Tony Robbins said, “If you are missing out on the creative artsy side of things, then you should find your happiness somewhere else.” Russel respected the advice so much that he did just that and stepped down as the CEO. However, he also took some of Tony Robbin’s other advice: to become a company chairman instead of giving him a bit more control, which Russel did. (Tony Robbins did the same thing in his company) So,

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As mentioned, Russel did take Tony’s advice and switched roles. He said that when he and his co-founder Todd Dickerson started the company, we had a vision and wanted to build on it. We didn’t have any money or anything or even a great team. It was Todd as the coder and me as the marketing guy. We had a product we believed in and just did our best to sell. Russel says he was doing the support, and Todd was always in charge of the coding/design, so it only made sense that I hop into the role of the CEO…right? Russel says he had no clue what it was like to be a CEO but just jumped in because it was what had to be done, and he grew into the role…it’s that simple. So, now,

When Russel returned from Fiji, he sought the right person to take over his job. Russel was also looking for what he could do to keep himself busy and who would be the BEST person to fill his shoes. Dave Woodward would be the obvious choice because when they were starting the company, he would always come by the office offering to help and ask what he could do to drive the company forward. Russel started by giving him small tasks at that time, and eventually, he passed everything over to him. Dave was the RIGHT person because whatever task was assigned, he would knock it right out of the park. Russel says…

“Everything is fine because I am back to marketing this product and doing what I love. Dave is on the path to creating something even more successful from ClickFunnels. He’s adding more integrations and working hard to discover what people want. Finally, we have Todd, who is doing what he does best. You have to trust the process, and everything will work fine.” With that said,

The cool thing about Russel’s decision is that he has freed up some time to get back to hosting seminars, workshops, and even his inner circle. So finally, he gets to go back into what he loves MOST, which is marketing and using his creative mind to make things happen in the company. People always look for the title of CEO and “yes”; it does give you a lot of power and high status, but who cares if you are NOT happy…right? Sometimes to find your happiness, you should be willing to let others step in to do what they love to do so you can do what you love to do!

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