Review (Frank Kern)

What is This offer has been making a lot of buzz lately because it claims you’ll make money. The man behind this program is Frank Kern, and he is willing to refund your money if you work with them and don’t make more than your initial fee. To make this offer even sweeter, Frank and his team will also give you an additional 20%; it’s that simple! So, now I know you’re wondering what ROAS is and how this entire thing works. Well, keep reading for my entire review. Before we continue,

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Frank says, “the first thing we do is generate immediate sales for you by going out and finding clients who are interested in your offer. We have a lot of people we work with and have a network of people looking for new offers to get their hands on. So we aim to make you money within the first seven (7) days of working together.” I think this is a bold claim to make, but I will give Frank the benefit of the doubt. Now, the second thing in Frank’s program is to make everything more sustainable, which means avoiding the sale being a 1-time deal. You see, businesses fail because they fail to continue to attract clients over and over again. So, to counter this, we take what we have learned from making the sale for you and turn it into an automated system, leading us into an excellent space to start focusing on your ads. The key is since we have an automated system in place, we can focus on ads and making them work.

So, now I knew there would be a catch and here it is. Frank says, “I cannot make this guarantee to just anyone, so you have to meet a few prerequisites.” I reviewed them, and what are they? First, you must have an email list of leads or past customers; you need momentum and a working sales process. You also have to have an offer that works for you and sells to some extent. If this is something you have, it’s time to hand the process over to Frank and his team to run some tests.

It’s time for you to schedule a call to talk to someone on the franks team. The goal is to develop a custom plan for your business by asking you some questions first. Then, they will explain in that plan what they can do to help make you some money. They will also go over the essential thing: how much they will charge you. Keep in mind this will all be done in the first thirty (30) days. Review (Frank Kern)


Frank states, “after you are onboard, we will put the system to test and generate some money. Then, suppose this doesn’t work out the way we planned. In that case, you will get refunded the fee, or we will pay you the difference + twenty percent. In the end, you make a positive return before you decide to go in the other direction.

In closing, Frank encourages you to book a call with his team to go over the fundamentals, etc. It’s hard for me to tell you how much this program costs because you must speak to his team to find out. Now, here’s the thing: I have been following Frank and his team for some time and have heard many sales pitches. However, this one is going to be my favorite. Why? It’s the first one where he says you can’t lose and offers a refund if you don’t make money with him. This offer is tricky, so I recommend you do your due diligence before getting involved. I’m sure you will be given a contract with a fine print or something. With that said,

I have something safer, which you can find by clicking the orange button below. This is my other favorite program and has worked magic for many people.