Reviewing The Mikkelsen Twins’ Net Worth

The twin brothers Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are behind the Publishing Life business, which is creating a lot of buzz lately. The Mikkelsen twins are also behind the following program called Audiobook Income Academy, which teaches you step-by-step how to create and sell audiobooks on Amazon. They have done very well selling their program because they have hundreds of students who they claim have done very well. Now, the course costs are a bit steep at $1,997.00, or you can pay this in 3 installments of $797.00 with complete access to the program. I wanted to know how these twins made most of their money and if they still make money through this program. Have they ever made money through this program? And what is their actual net worth? This will tell us a lot. So, here is my complete review of the program!

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So, Christian and Rasmus are generally timid people and don’t even like being in school. They didn’t want to be called upon by teachers because they had significant anxiety when answering some questions. In short, they were destined to be losers after high school who moved to Denmark, worked odd jobs, and even smoked a lot of weed. But, it’s incredible how the world works because they are also making their living on the internet in front of millions of people promoting their program. Now, here’s what happened in 2015…

The twins hit rock bottom, moving back to your home state of New Jersey. They moved back with their parents and, for a while, didn’t know what they would do in the future. Then, they had a heart-to-heart with each other, brainstorming ways to make something out of their lives. The Mikkelsen twins tried something different: enrolled in college and finished with straight A’s, which helped them build some serious confidence moving forward. This was what they needed! So, they spent a few weeks delivering Chinese food to earn extra cash because they had an idea and needed cash to bring it to life. What was the idea? When delivering Chinese food, they would listen to audiobooks and loved how it would help make their job easier. Ultimately, they decided that going into business was the best bet for success, so they quit their jobs before starting their own business. First, Rasmus started dropshipping, and Christian started self-publishing. A year later, Rasmus joined his brother in the publishing space.

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The twins started doing Kindle publishing when starting; for example, they would have books written for them to sell on Amazon. Next, they decided to have these same books narrated in an audio format to sell them on Audible. They were amazed because this worked; by January 2017, Christian had made his first $1,000.00. Then when December of 2017 rolled around, he hit $10000.00 monthly. After that, they started making books in every niche to figure out what worked, and when they did, they went into overdrive. Some of the niches included healthcare, food, programming, and others.

The twins loved being digital nomads travelling the world and settling in Thailand. In Thailand, they lived like kings because of the currency difference; all they had to spend was like $1,500 a month. They also travelled to Australia, Spain, Japan, Bali, Hawaii, Mexico, and Italy. It was the life they dreamed for themselves. Rasmus said, “he just travelled and had a chance to do what he loved to do….it was an amazing time!.” But you won’t believe what happened…

One of the twins got greedy… Christian. He translated one of his books into multiple languages, which made him enormous money. Still, the quality was poor, leading to RED strikes from Amazon, almost getting his account banned. However, they learned from their experience and continued what they did. They created the Audi Income Academy, promoting it through YouTube while making millions. I think it’s a good idea and you can make a lot of money. But I recommend doing your due diligence before jumping in.