Residual Payments Review (David And Patricia Carlin)

Two people are known as a power couple behind the Residual Payments training program. The names of these two people are David and Patricia. So, supposedly there is a story that goes that these two people got sick and tired of people asking them what they do that they now want to show you how to have the same kind of success as them. You see, David and Patricia are always travelling, sitting on a beach, skiing, golfing, and never working…lol. Anyways, I’m here to find out if this program is truly something special or does it just blow HOT air. In other words, is the Residual Payments training program a SCAM? Well, I want you to read my review of this business opportunity and find out if this is RIGHT for you.

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So David has said, “Myself and Patricia have been quietly building a fortune through passive recurring income from a little-known industry known as digital payments.” They have been in this industry for 15 years and have done quite well. David then goes on to explain how this all works; they go out to help ecom stores and small and large businesses with setting up credit card processing systems. And in return, the couple collects a small commission for each transaction made from the card processing service they provide. So the tiny payments from multiple

Now, as I continue to watch Patricia’s YouTube video ad, I ask myself, “don’t people already have credit card processing machines?” The answer is yes, but just like a mortgage on a house, you can go to any provider willing to give you the best rate. You see, businesses want to pay the lowest processing fees and will gladly come to you if you can provide it for them. This is where you come in…

When you complete David and Patricia’s training, you can be the broker and sell these processing machines to businesses. And, when they sign up, you will get a small portion of each transaction they make. This will continue to happen until either they close or switch providers. The cool thing is that these systems are easy to set up, and you will be paid every month like clockwork. Before I went any further, I wanted to read more about this good-looking couple using lifestyle marketing to sell a product. But after I did, I learned these guys have a lot of positive reviews and come across as genuine and knowledgeable. So, I have to say the Residual Payments training does sound like the real deal.

Ok, so now let’s look at the offer…

David and Patricia sell a short course under the Residual Payments brand called Digital Payments Revolution. Each member will watch several videos and learn how to apply the three-step process to make residual income from credit card processing. In the videos, you will LEARN the EXACT same method David and Patricia use to make money and pocket six enormous monthly figures. Once you join, you will also get an invite to join their private Facebook group, where you can ask questions to get help from other members.

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In terms of pricing, the Digital Payments Revolution costs $37. You can also purchase a Residual Income Multiplier video tutorial and worksheet for $17.00. What’s remarkable is you are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. But I know these types of programs, and they usually have many expensive upsells they hit you with after you join. As I mentioned, David and Patricia have a lot of positive reviews. Just search YouTube because you will find both of them featured on several podcasts where they come across as trustworthy.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Residual Payments do check out, and it’s a proven method. Not just through David and Patricia, but almost all stores utilize a credit card processing system. These two provide an affordable, risk-free introductory program (with a money-back guarantee). After doing some research, I didn’t see any red flags or them trying to utilize any misleading tactics when marketing their program. Now, the business model does require some hard work, and you need to grind. The biggest hurdle is getting a business to TRUST you because you are brand new to this game. So, before approaching, businesses have answers to the following questions: Why would a business trust you? Why are you better than their existing credit card processing system? Now, click the link below to discover how I overcame this in my business.

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