Can You Really Make Money On Shopify?

Yes, you can! Anton Kraly is so confident that he claims he can show you how. So, Anton from Drop Ship Lifestyle says all you need is the correct setup, and you are good to go. This means having a good laptop with a stable internet connection. Then, he says, you have five (5) ways to make money. First, become a Shopify partner and promote the eCommerce platform to earn a commission whenever someone signs up on the Shopify platform.

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Anton says, “this is the best place to start because Shopify is the best eCommerce platform in the world. So when you refer people to Shopify, you send them to the best platform where they will be happy and get all the support they need. As a result, they will most likely stick around long-term. Plus, you get a great commission from it too.” Anton says starting as a partner is easy; head to and fill out the application. Now, when people sign up for a trial, and they pay for a plan, you get a commission.

The second way to cash in is to market Shopify design services. If you have an excellent eye for design, offer Shopify store owners a way to revamp their websites. It’s hard to find a reliable design service, especially for Shopify. Anton says the second way to make money is via Shopify; Anton says, “package everything up and sell it to Shopify users. You can also assist them with their theme design, tweaking plugins, and other custom jobs.” Anton says, right now, you have approx 3.75 million active Shopify stores, and every single one of them can be your potential customer…right? Oh, and I see this number growing in the future. Let’s move on…

Third comes email marketing for Shopify store owners. You see, many store owners don’t know how to market their stores, and even more, they don’t know how to set up an efficient email marketing campaign, so this would be an excellent service. So, you can promote your service by helping to build an entire email marketing follow-up campaign and managing it for the user. Don’t forget to show the Shopify store owner some statistics on how effective emails can generate revenue.”

Anton Kraly CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle shares his instights on marketing


Number four, position yourself as a Shopify media buyer. What does this mean? Suppose you have experience with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. In that case, you can handle the paid (PPC) for the store owner. You can also help create YouTube videos for the store owner, which is enormous. The goal is to have the store owner pay for their marketing and a fixed fee to you for handling (optimizing) the campaigns for them too.

Finally, you can build your own Shopify store and profit from dropshipping. But Anton says, “obviously, there is a right and wrong way to set up a Shopify store. For example, I recommend selling high-ticket products to people in the United States. This will help with shipping times; the margins are way better when you sell high-ticket products. Also, I have noticed the product quality is way better, which means the customers are happier. You are because you made a decent profit from each sale…right.”

Anton finally says the best way to proceed is to choose one so you can get your feet wet. So, choose one out of the first four after you can move into your dropshipping store. The first four will lay the foundation for building your store (scale).

Anton says when you are ready to move forward, check out his Drop Ship Blueprint course. The crazy thing is, though, Anton’s course costs $10,000 to get started…yikes! Or, if this is not your cup of tea, you can check out what I have to offer by just taking a quick peek at the link below.

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