Scaling With Systems Review (Ravi Abuvala)

Ravi Abuvala’s journey began in 2018 when he decided to launch his marketing agency. Since launching, he has made over $500,000, with half being profit after you minus the expenses, etc. After building his marketing agency and scaling to a seven-figure valuation, he wanted to start something else which would make more of an IMPACT on people. So he started Scaling With Systems which is a coaching/mentoring program. This program teaches other entrepreneurs what he learned along the way so they can AVOID the same mistakes he made. I’m here to find out if his program is legit…is it? Let’s find out…

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His thought process is quite simple. He says, “to prove your credibility, you should get one client and obtain massive results for them. With this case study, you will EARN massive creditability, and it shows you mean business.” I guess he has a point because, with your case study, you can prove to customers you can get the results they are after…right? Once you have this case study, you can create a single HIGH converting page to drive traffic. This page will be your money maker as you start generating leads. Now, here are a few more things:


Ravi talks about the importance of virtual assistance as they will be the ones who will be sending outbound messages describing and selling your service. These assistants will help you land clients. Ravi recommends even dropping your price to see if people are attracted to your offer and will pay for your service. You need to ensure that your service is something people want, and you will easily be able to land clients. Once you land your client, build your system and obtain the promised results so you gather the case study proof. Only after gathering the proof can you move into step number two (2). This is important because selling your service becomes more EASIER if you get people to view the RESULTS you have obtained for your case study client. He says to send out emails with the PROOF. I hope that Ravi will teach you how to generate a list and create these HIGH converting emails. (I HOPE SO). Then he does the following:


He sets up a retargeting campaign which keeps these people who have read your previous emails in the loop. This means sending them to other forms of marketing media like YouTube, social media groups, a send case study, etc. The KEY is to increase their desire to join and hire you to help them because they believe you will get them the desired results. The cool thing is if everything is SETUP right, they will book a call with you to LEARN more about what you have to offer. Then, you’ll have a team trained who will jump in and close the deal – He calls these people the inbound closers (LOL). Now,


Scaling With Systems Review (Ravi Abuvala)


Once everything is set up and running smoothly, you can start to scale by hiring more people, training them, rinse and repeat. You can hire more VAs and start to enroll more clients so you can start generating even more income every single month. Ravi will even teach you some of his marketing tactics to bring traffic to your sales page. I have to admit that some methods are pretty sneaky but whatever. So, what’s next?


The program cost is NOT mentioned for the Scaling With Systems training. Still, after my research, I believe it’s somewhere around $12,000. This is an exceptionally high price for those just getting started…right? But look, if this program sounds good to you and you are passionate about the industry, it’s time for you to book a call with him or his team so you can get cracking. Again, Ravi says once you are enrolled, you should have your offer and virtual assistant getting you at least five (5) calls per day. I’m not sure about this, but again if you like the sound of the program…GO FOR IT! Then, a few days after, you should have a fully functional sales funnel and get 10+ calls per day. In the third month, things get exciting because your team should handle day-to-day operations so you can continue to scale your business/profits. Here are my final thoughts…


Ravi makes some big claims promising $100k, $250k, and even $500k per year. This sales pitch can be misleading unless you can hit those kinds of numbers by putting in hard work using the system. He makes a promise that you will HIT these numbers. Still, nothing is ever a “sure thing,” so you need to think about what you are signing up for with the Scaling With Systems training program.

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