Rasmus Mikkelsen Review (Publishing Life)

If you have read my other reviews, then you know how I have written extensively about the Mikkelsen twins. These two have been promoting their Amazon audiobook business for some time and have succeeded. Recently, the twins have been using YouTube to promote their business by creating ads, etc. Rasmus has left the ad creation process to his twin brother because he is more creative and has been in marketing longer. They have promoted the following program through their ads – Audiobook Income Academy course. From watching all their ads, there seem to be some inconsistencies between the marketing videos. So, I’m here to answer the following questions: What do I think about their business model and how they are marketing their business? And why do some people call them scam artists? What do these people know that we don’t? Let’s get started with my Publishing Life review. But, first…

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When watching these ads, Rasmus Mikkelsen sits in a room with the AIA plaque in the background. He has it there to add some credibility to what he is trying to promote. Rasmus has lined up his beard and means business. He starts by saying that “selling actual physical products is NOT the way to make money online in 2021. This method can produce limited wealth! But, we have something better that can make enormous money for you”. He summarizes the benefits by saying the low startup costs compared to physical products. You pay 1 time for creating this product and can generate recurring income for several months afterwards. And finally, this is an untapped area with little competition, so the opportunity is endless. The twins claim that people are getting incredible results by doing this on Amazon. Rasmus Mikkelsen then goes on to share a story…saying the following:

“Patrick, one of the AIA members who used to live in Columbia and couldn’t afford to put food on the table, has changed his life after bumping into the Mikkelsen twins online. These twins showed him how to hire the RIGHT people to create books for him at an economical price. Not only that, but the twins showed him how to list the audiobooks on Amazon-owned Audible and earn a profit whenever a book was sold. Now, if Rasmus is telling the truth, Patrick made $91,731 in the first month, which is mind-blowing. (I don’t believe it). But, what these guys don’t explain is how Patrick got together the 5K-10K required to get started when creating his initial audiobook. Now, being the sneaky salesman that he is, Rasmus then jumps right into his call-to-action, which is the following: “If you’d like to learn about this new Amazon model, I’ve put together a super short FREE training which is going to show you the EXACT model to start producing books and making money RIGHT away.” Anyways, being in marketing myself, I think the ad is decent. Still, I’m unsure how I feel about the business they are promoting…why?

Audiobook Income Academy Review: Legit Self-Publishing Business or Scam? -  Ippei Blog


Audible has been around for some time, and I’m sure it has been tapped into with massive competition now. Also, you need pretty sizable start-up cash, which can be hard to gather, especially if you are starting out. Finally, I have yet to hear anyone recently making money from their program. For example, they do an excellent job with testimonials, but these are years back. However, I have this other program which would be an excellent FIT for anyone looking to get started… click the orange button below.