The Rainmaker Challenge Review (Chelsey And Stephen)

Imagine having so many different income streams…think about how this would change your life. Well, Stephen and Chelsey Diaz (aka The Rainmaker Family) are making money. However, they have said their favourite is Amazon FBA. You see, many people head to Amazon to spend money, but imagine if you could change this around and make money. Stephen says there are some excellent ways you can earn a lot of money with Amazon, and FBA does seem to work the best after doing some testing. FBA stands for (Fulfillment By Amazon)! Anyways, how do you get involved? Is It Even Worth It? Well, scroll down for my Rainmaker Challenge review.

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Regarding Amazon FBA, you will research what products are hot sellers. Some incredible programs will help you find just the right products. Once you find a product you feel will work, you can contact manufacturers to help supply you with the products. The key is to find suppliers who can supply these products for the lowest price possible. Next, everything will get shipped to the Amazon warehouse while you list your products on their platform. Amazon FBA will do the rest for you (ship and provide the support). Let’s move on…

Once you have your store up and running, believe me when I say Amazon FBA can be an excellent source of passive income. Stephen says that Amazon has been a blessing for him because, through their platform, they have outgrown the 14 largest retailers (combined). Think about this too. Last year, there were 150 million Amazon Prime Members, and this year there will be much more. This shows that people will continue to use Amazon, which will continue to be a fantastic source of income for you. However, I have a few questions:

The Rainmaker Challenge Reviews - The Rainmaker Method Reviewed


First, I have heard about Amazon FBA from so many other people, which means it’s probably saturated…right. If it’s not saturated yet, I’m sure it will be very soon because of all the training for it. Chelsey and Stephen say it’ll never be because Amazon has about 2.5 active sellers and close to 6 million products being sold on Amazon every single day. With all this traffic and sales in and out, you can make it work if you have the right product listed. Considering everything I just said, I’m sure you could at least make something like $100 per day for yourself and your family…right? “I know it is possible for a fact which is why I am confident you will make this work too.” In the Rainmaker Family community, Stephen claims that members are making $100-$300 per day quickly. More than 50% of the products sold on Amazon are from small business owners such as yourself. Let’s continue,

Stephen and Chelsey have perfected the sales process and pitching this opportunity to you. But, I want to ask them more about the software they say can help you find the winning products. I’m sure you also want to know…right? I mean, these guys claim using the software will give you an unfair advantage over other people. Also, how do you source products? How do you get the labelling done? Oh, and the most important, how do you get reviews to help you out…right?

Anyways, Stephen claims this is EXACTLY what our seven-day Rainmaker Challenge will teach you. They will walk you through everything so you do NOT get caught off guard. I hear the program is around $37 to get started with, and I’m sure you will be hit with some upsells along the way. Anyways, the key is to do your due diligence before starting so you know exactly what you are getting into.

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