Prosper Trading Academy Review (Scott Bauer)

Are you looking to step up your options trading game? If so, Scott Bauer has a quick start guide he’s offering for a limited time and has your name on it. Then Scott says, “Everything I have learned in the last 25 years I have compressed into three (3) magical steps, and the goal of these steps is to increase your profits. I also aim to have you earn more with as little risk as possible.”

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Scott Bauer seems legit now, and he started on the CBOE in 1992. He has a fantastic track record with experience working with some of the best. For example, he was the Vice President of Goldman Sachs. Scott has also appeared on popular networks like CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business, and the TD Ameritrade Network. Now I have reviewed many trading programs and gurus; however, Scott doesn’t come off as greedy or sneaky in any way. Trust me when I say that some of the other gurus definitely do! But I decided to do some digging either way, and here is what I found…

First, when I clicked on Scott Bauer’s YouTube ad and opted in for his quick start guide, it never did come through. It’s not a big deal because it may be an email delivery issue. I understand that’s not a big deal, so I’ll let it slide, but when this stuff happens, it does feel like a bait-and-switch. You see, as soon as I entered my email address, I was redirected to an Options Power Session webinar. This webinar was set to start 30 seconds after I registered, but when I signed up, it didn’t even start, which is hilarious (lol). Let’s move on…

Prosper Trading Academy Review (Scott Bauer)


So, I understand that tech issues happen, and I want to know if anyone else did the same thing that I did. I headed to Google and searched for more reviews on Scott’s Prosper Trading Academy. At this point, I still think Scott is the real deal because of his experience, but when I started to dig deeper, all I found were complaints about his training and people saying to avoid wherever he is offering. First, on the Better Business Bureau, Prosper Trading Academy LLC does have an A+ rating. Here’s one of the reviews from BBB; Larry C. wrote, “After signing up for this training and paying $2,500. I took time and watched everything, and practiced for three (3) before paper trading. The results were amazing. Scott is accommodating and explains everything properly from start to finish.” However, this is where the problem happens…when Larry begins trading with real money. Here’s what he wrote: “When I started trading real money, I lost 66% of the money I invested, and this is after following Scott’s advice from start to finish. Every trade was a loser. “ The trading game is difficult, and Scott provides the knowledge you need, but being successful takes much more than knowledge…you need practice! Here’s something else,

Some Reddit users have said their fair share of negative stuff. For example, many people say that Scott is offering nothing but a get rich quickly by trading a course that doesn’t work. But these people leaving comments have not signed up for his course and put what he teaches to the test. But, here’s where things shift…

On Trustpilot, Scott has a positive average of 88% of reviewers. But I can tell you that many people did seem suspicious, for example, that Scott paid them to leave a positive review. These guys had no profile pictures or even generic names. Also, when I looked into these people (who left reviews), the. Prosper Trading Academy was the only program they reviewed (lol). These people didn’t even detail how much they made or anything. With that said,

Here are a few final thoughts. So, based on Scott’s unhappy students and manipulative funnel, I would stay away from Scott’s trading course. Oh, I forgot to mention, it doesn’t help that the positive reviews Scott has to seem like they are all fake (like the ones on Trustpilot). Anyways, things are not seamless, and this is where it gets complicated. When it comes to trading and investing a lot of money, you have to be sure 100% of the training course you choose to learn from, but that’s not the case with Scott. So, I want no part of it at all.

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