Project Mastermind Review (Louis Navellier)

What is the Project Mastermind? Well, first…

Louis Navellier sounds like a pretty confident guy stating that if you skip his YouTube ad…it’ll be the biggest mistake you will make. Louis says, “I am a 1 percenter and manage billion dollars for America’s wealthiest elite. “ Now, I’m unsure if I believe him, but I will continue to hear him in his YouTube video. He says there will be a massive shift coming in this economy, and those who know about it will be able to cash in. He says, “this shift will make the rich even richer and bankrupt thousands of people simultaneously. The problem is NOT many people know what’s about to happen. “

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Here’s the problem: the people who know about this economic shift don’t know how to prepare for this and will probably be on the wrong side. But, Louis Navellier is so confident that if you are on the RIGHT side, you will make a fortune….guaranteed. The sad thing is if you are going to be on the opposite side, you can end up losing your job and a lot of your money. The funny thing is that Louis has spent a good amount of time talking about being on the RIGHT side, but I have yet to hear anything more about how he can help you. I hope he gives us some hope by the end of this video.

Now, as the YouTube video rolls on, Louis says he has prepared a FREE video to highlight what he knows and how you can benefit. He continues, “It doesn’t matter if you have $500 in savings or $5 million; you have to watch this video.” Then, he encourages all the people watching to click through, describing what he has as so confidential and controversial it may be taken down any day or even any minute, so click right now before it’s too late. But then, the video does come to an end!

As I watch this video, I already say, “this guy is full of crap.” Because he is using fear to get people to opt in and check out whatever he is throwing your way. I don’t think that’s the right way to do things. So, now I have some questions: Is Louis Navellier credible? And what can I expect if I continue to watch his video? Anyways, I wanted to find out, so I continued to watch his video and here’s what I found out…read on…

Things About to Get Ugly?


So, here’s what happened…after clicking on the link in the video, I was redirected to a website for InvestorPlace. During this video, Louis Navellier is sitting on a chair, answering questions asked by the host. You can tell the entire thing is scripted because Louis has an answer for everything…lol. Oh, this video was long, and some parts didn’t even make sense! I wanted to know where this was going, and I found out it was leading to Louis Navellier’s Louis latest program, Project Mastermind. And the tagline at the top said, “it promises to pay out $50,000 over the next 12 months and that this program is a retirement game changer. Louis helps you find stocks that are just about to soar.” …Personally, the way this whole thing is laid out was a bunch of BS. Anyways, let’s move on…

Now, after watching most of this video, I am a bit annoyed because he is targeting people who are retired and not working. These people are no longer working and don’t have a steady income, so they leave their money alone. Louis is promising these people 100% steady returns, and who knows how many people will fall victim to his false hype. But then, the information in the video gets worse….how?

Project Mastermind is not cheap, costing around $1,999 per year, and that’s only if you order today. If you don’t order today, you will have to pay $2,500. Either way, it’s money Louis Navellier will probably use to pay back the SEC. Now, before I continue, check out what I found and another reason why you should stand clear from this guy. I recommend something that’s a safer bet and which has a lot of potentials, but you control it from start to finish because it’s your business. Oh, many positive reviews, too…click the orange button.

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