Productized Profits Review (Lucas Lee-Tyson)

The Growth Cave was started from a college dorm room by someone with no more than $50.00 to their name. This is someone I have covered previously, and I decided to write another post RIGHT now to go into a little bit more detail. The person I am referring to is Lucas Lee-Tyson, and now he is running a full fledge digital agency….not bad for someone with $50.00 bucks…RIGHT? He is on a mission to become the number 1 provider for YouTube and Facebook ads training and believes he can do it with the RIGHT team. I encourage you to read on for my review of his Productized Profits course. First,

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Posted throughout his video ads, Lucas talks about working only a few hours a week and how he is currently making $250K per year (WOW). He also talks several times about hating Lambos and mansions. However, he still flaunts his wealth by making claims without backing them up. You’ll know what I mean later on…

It does matter what he’s saying about hating mansions and marketing gurus because he goes on to pitch his program: Productized Profits. Isn’t this going against his previous comment…right? I’m the kind of guy who likes transparency, so I don’t appreciate him saying one thing and then saying another 2 seconds later. But if I can look past this, I’ll continue reviewing his training…now,

Lucas is promoting his product as the “everything” training, which provides you with the foundation your need to launch and grow your “productized” online business. The training will prepare you to land your first HIGH ticket client within a  month (that’s a BIG promise). Now you can do this WITHOUT any previous experience in this industry or technical skills. Before I continue, I want to give you a breakdown of what you will get in the program:

A six-module video course
ClientBolt software suite
The Productized Business mastermind community (a private Facebook group where you can ask questions)
Live Q&A calls twice weekly
Lifetime updates

Now, this all sounds amazing, but I want to know how much I will invest in this program to get where I need to go. Well, the program costs Productized Profits costs around  $1,497. This single payment can be paid in monthly installments of $597. You are also getting a full 30-day action-based guarantee which I like because as long as you can prove you went through all the steps and were NOT able to achieve any results, you will be entitled to get your money back. Now, many programs DON’T offer their money back, so I admire that they offer this refund; however, I feel it will be tough to get your money back either way. I’m sure there are some catches or loopholes to stop them from giving your money back.

Lucas Lee Tyson Productized Profits Review (February 2023): Scam Risk


Now, after doing some research, people are talking about his lack of experience, so they DON’T trust him when it comes to the training he’ll provide. For example, Lucas claims to have made $250K doing what he teaches in the program and then started to sell his STRATEGY. However, he’s a young kid, so he doesn’t have too much experience and is just past the six (6) figure mark, which means he doesn’t have that much experience compared to some of the other big names in the business. So, is he an authority in the marketing niche? (Makes you wonder). Anyways,

While listening to his ad, I didn’t hear anything about how Lucas will help you land your first client. Getting clients is what the business is all about, so if you can’t land clients, how will you scale as a business? I know many people scammed by these offers, which promise you clients and say they will help you rank within Google, but they never deliver. These same businesses promise to run your Facebook and Google ads but end up costing you a lot of money. Anyways, Lucas, tell me why we should listen to your pitch. Someone who I also think is pretty brand new in the game compared to other people. The Productized Profits presentation I watched just skipped right over all of this. Another fear I have for you guys is the following…

If you are starting in a business, you don’t have a lot of money to invest in ads, and if you need to run ads to get clients, you may have a hard time starting. Lucas does say he will show you how to run ads, but I know you need someone looking over your shoulder to get things up and running. If someone can’t coach you throughout, you’ll burn a lot of money. It’s nuts!

Anyways, if you want to LEARN how to grow traffic naturally, so you don’t have to invest in paid advertising, click the orange button. We spend many hours doing what we do, so we have perfected the entire process. So come check out what we have to offer…

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