Tai Lopez Crypto: Will You Lose All Your Money?

Tai Lopez doesn’t have to ask Wen Lambo. From what I remember, Tai Lopez got his car a long time ago, and I also remember him saying that he loved driving in the Hollywood Hills. But MOST people ask how long they will have to wait to become rich. So how can crypto make us rich? What coins should we invest in? Is it risky? And they have a bunch of other questions too. Anyway, do Tai and his team have answers to these questions? Well, here’s what they have to say about it…scroll down and read what I found out…

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A few weeks ago, Tai decided to do a podcast, and with him, he had his righthand man, Dr. Alex Mehr, Jeff Kirdeikis, and the CEO of TrustSwap. These guys were together discussing where they are in Crypto and where they plan to go. They also discussed some hurdles they would face in the coming years. Think about it this way, Tai says, “there will be more regulations and skepticism. People also have difficulty understanding the DeFi world (decentralized finance) and have so many options, confusing them even more. For example, they have so many coins to choose from, and with so many opinions, there’s a lot of noise. (and the list goes on)

So, when you listen to these guys speak, they all say that the following are safe bets Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many critics say the “gas” fees are too high on Ethereum, but Jeff says “they are high because of their popularity. As these grow, obviously, so will their fees.” Then in the podcast, these guys say you have to be careful with any alternative because they are NOT paying attention to security and the decentralization policy so that they can catch up to Ethereum. Oh, it’s important to note that you can put money into Solana, Avalanche, Terra, or Polygon and outperform Ethereum. But do you really want to face the risks? Ok, so here’s what these guys say next,

In the podcast, Alex and Jeff say ten (10) years from now, they can see Solana and Ethereum being the next Apple and Microsoft of the cryptocurrency world. But here’s how I look at it…this crypto stuff is still very early, so for anyone to say where things will be going is a bit premature. Think about this like a movie; the main characters have not yet been cast. Some of these characters are also going to be killed off…haha. I guess we’ll see which one of these main characters will make it to the end of the movie! Either way, crypto may be a great asset to add to your portfolio because they can cover for each other when required. If one goes down, the other is around to build things back up.

Tai Lopez, The Anti-Get Rich Quick Guy?


Ok, crypto is not going anywhere. Tai says, “invest in some blue chips, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, invest in some other coins; hopefully, some will go up and some down, but you will still break even at the end of the day. The key is you will make money from the two major coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum.” Tai says you should also invest big time during bear markets because everything is going down, and you can make a killing during this time. Oh, keep your emotions in check, so you don’t get deterred during big swings in the market. Ok, cool…what next?

The only other concern people have is that if you make millions of dollars from crypto…will the government tax you big time? Personally, it is hard to say anything about the tax, but at the end of the day, you would have still made a massive chunk…so not to worry. Tai says, “With all this money being made, the US government will want to make money in crypto too…lol.” Oh, I had found evidence of this because when I traced all the big money, it was already in this niche (crypto). I know Visa, PayPal and BlackRock are in it, which is fantastic. Crypto is rolling now, and everyone is trying to jump abroad. Tai wants to make money from this popularity by teaching you how you can invest in this too. He has a Crypto DeFi Accelerator course and a virtual crypto workshop. Look, here’s the bottom line, if investing and crypto are your thing…perfect! Maybe check out his course, but if it’s NOT, check out my favourite program below.

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