Overages Blueprint Review (Bob Diamond)

Bob Diamond is proud to call himself America’s Tax Sale Attorney, and he now sells a training called Overages Blueprint. To be transparent, the course costs around $1497, and you also have the option to 3 x monthly installments of $597. So, what’s included in the training? You will learn how to cash in on a vast “government scandal,” Bob claims in his YouTube ad. However, do people want to know if what he is saying is legit or a scam? People also want to know what you would be doing. What are the downsides of this type of business model? And is it even legal? Read my Overages Blueprint review because you will get an answer to all these questions.

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Anyways, what is this loophole that Bob keeps talking about, and how can you use it? Bob says, “People usually fall behind on property taxes…right? They get foreclosed on, and their homes end up in an auction…right? Investors then have a chance to buy them for a much cheaper price, with the government paying off all the taxes due to the investor claiming the difference as profit. However, I feel this money is due to the previous homeowner, and this is where I come in and will teach you to come in.” 

Our Overages Blueprint training will give you everything you need to recover this money from the previous homeowners and earn a hefty commission. Bob says you don’t need a special license, experience or any skills to do what I will teach you. All you need is an iPhone and computer, and you are all set. So, inside the Overages Blueprint, you will get everything else you need, like a quick start guide, video training, scripts, and even legal documents. Bob says he will also give you a list of the best States to use his strategies. Let’s continue,

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Imagine that you decide to join this training, complete all the training and complete one (1) single deal…what does this all look like? Bob says it requires at least 10 hours of work from start to finish. Your typical finder’s fee will be anywhere from 30%-40%, which is fantastic. Next, this means you will get an average income of around 10K per deal which is impressive…right? The more deals, the more commission, and that’s how the whole thing works. Anyways, I have some questions or concerns; here they are:

First, this is all very confusing for me, who knows nothing about the law and is NOT an attorney. I mean, I understand that Bob says everyone can do this; I can’t take him on just that word. I mean, many people say this, and it ends up being very tough. I would be worried about doing something illegal; for example, you can do this in every state…right? And I know that with stuff like this, the rules are probably changing constantly. I don’t want to be sued for something I did wrong; I guess Bob being an attorney has its advantages and gives him massive peace of mind. Next,

Here’s my second concern: I find cold calling uncomfortable, especially for these people who are having a hard time losing their homes. I know you would have pure intentions. Think about some random person calling you about them being able to get back some of your money; I would think it’s a SCAM right away. I would tell these people never to call me again…lol. And, even as a previous homeowner, if I do decide to hear them out, why wouldn’t I do everything myself and keep the 10K …right?

Third, my other concern is about payment…how long do I have to wait to get my money. Well, Bob says you have to wait for four (4) months which is a super long time. I am impatient, so if I feel as though I am not seeing results right away, I might get sidetracked; so, for this reason, Overages Blueprint is NOT a good deal for me. I mean, all I can think about is the time I would invest in getting this money and then have to wait four (4) months to get it. I like Bob; he seems like a good dude, but his business model seems slightly off. He’s legit, but his business is not a fit for everyone. I have something better which pays every month…click the orange button.

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