Online Vending Machines For Passive Income?

Everyone wants to know if you can make money from vending machines. Chance and Abdul from Modern Millionaires think you can make some good money. However, to understand what is “online” vending machine, you must first think about the traditional “offline” vending machine models. Abdul asks, “How much money do you think these “offline” machines make monthly?…$500, $1500, or even $2000?” Then, Chance jumps in and says before he can answer, he wants you to understand that these old-school vending machines cost 10K or even more just to set up…which is wild…right? Then on top of all this, you have to pay for maintenance, restocking, and other fees.

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Chance and Abdul speak from experience when they say physical businesses ate such a massive headache. And from their experience, online businesses tend to do much better and can generate enormous income but done right. Chance says, “I have generated 5K-10K in pure profit monthly with some of my projects.” (is this guy being serious?) And Chance says his “online” ventures don’t have set-up costs or maintenance either! Oh, the best thing about this model is that you don’t need any previous skills or experience! What is this “online” vending machine Chance and Abdul are talking about? Unlike traditional “offline” methods, which dispense snacks and sodas to customers, the “online” model will dispense customers to businesses they are looking for. And how do you earn income? Well…

The businesses will pay you a fee for your “online” vending machine. This will be a fee paid to you every single month. Did you know that people searching the internet are the HOTTEST commodity right now? These people online have become the artery for local businesses because they won’t be able to remain in business without them. This is why local businesses are willing to pay, like Chance and Abdul, every month to set up these “online” vending machines for them…they don’t know how to do it on their own. Chance and Abdul also claim to have made 7.5 million dollars using this exact model, which they will show you how to do. (this is a claim, of course). Anyways,

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Forbes and Business Insider have reported on this business model, supposedly stating it can be very lucrative. And, recently, it’s become so easy that non-techies can even do it. However, this wasn’t always the case because, at one point, you needed some fundamental programming skills…but NOT anymore. Abdul says, “My mentor Chance showed me anyone could apply this because technology has levelled the playing field. But you must get in quickly because the opportunity is sliding by as more people learn about it.” You see…

Chance and Abdul claim that plumbers, accountants, florists, and mechanics will make money from “online” vending machines. “With them making a few more grand each month will be fantastic for them…right? This is why they are willing to pay you every single month.” I guess these guys are saying that once it’s set up, it will be clockwork because you get better at doing it. This is where Chance and Abdul go into sales pitch mode, saying they will give you the entire blueprint and training through what they call the Modern Millionaire course.

This training will show you to make “online” vending machines at scale from the comfort of your own home. Ok, this all sounds good, but is there more? Yes! These guys say in their training, they will make sure you are NOT alone. “We will hold your hand throughout the training so you are comfortable applying each step. Now, we have a special program, and if you qualify, we will build your “online” vending machine for you.” (really…sounds cool!) Then, these guys say if you qualify and we build everything, all you have to do is sit back and collect all the money it brings in…lol (ok, these guys are selling a bit too much…no?). These guys claim to have built a movement, and it’s all documented. That’s right! You see, sign up and watch the documentary for FREE, so go check it out RIGHT now because it will reveal the business to you in more detail. With that said,

By now, you guys know that when Chance and Abdul say “online” vending machines, they are talking about 1-2 page websites where you guys will send traffic through Facebook and Google ads. These paid ads will drive traffic to these pages, and when customers opt in, it will be a lead for one of your customers. A successful lead means more money in your pocket, and you continue to build these websites for different businesses. Ok, this is a proven system…I have used it, but you need to know a few things. First, the Modern Millionaire training is expensive. Second, it’s hard to get paying customers up front, and you must spend a lot of ads until you find the right formula.

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