My Lead Formula Review (Jason Wardrop)

Jason Wardrop claims he has created something special. It’s an AI agency model which is a cash cow making him around five (5) figures per month. I checked out his latest YouTube ad, where he says you can duplicate the entire process within minutes (10 minutes, to be exact). Jason says, “You don’t need any new skills or online experience either.” Jason also says what he will teach you is different than what other gurus are telling you to do, which is why this is so special. Anyways, you see, Jason says, “Others tell you to find small businesses who hire you for $1500 per month to run ads for them…right? You hope that these guys will stick around long-term too.” Let’s remove this training in a bit more detail –

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Jason believes the old way of doing things is broken down because you need a lot of experience with it. For example, you have to know how to run Facebook ads if you want to start marketing. Again, as a beginner, you have to invest in some Facebook marketing experience and technical skills too. Jason says, “Even if you figure out Facebook marketing and are good at it, how are you going to convince the massage therapist to keep giving you money every month when they are not making enough back.” It will be tough to sustain this business…this is what I believe.

Here’s the bottom line, says Jason,

Your agency never takes off, and if it does, you will have difficulty keeping your clients because some won’t be making enough to pay you your monthly fee. “When I started this was what I was doing when I started my digital marketing agency. My mentor told me, you can go out and find five (5) clients who will pay you 2K per month, and you’ll make 10K…how cool is that? I was impressed. Then, everything was up and down because some would not make money and some would break even, so would not want to pay the 2K a month…it was nuts.” Now, let’s take some time and compare that headache to what Jason has in place now…

Jason Wardrop Review (2022): Best Lead Generation Course?


As mentioned, Jason claims to be making five (5) monthly figures from his MOST current agency. He created this agency by reverse engineering what he learned from some of the biggest agencies in the world. When he did this, he realized two crucial things:

First, most of them were software companies, and second, the average price these companies would charge is around $500 for their SaaS. So, Jason said, “I thought to myself, why not copy what is working, so I did. Like big companies, I leverage software systems and tools to rebuild my marketing agency.”

Anyways, this marketing software works because you have to set up your customers once, then copy and paste what features they want, and the software handles the fulfilment process for you. The best thing is these clients are more than willing to pay you $400-$500 per month. Jason says, “You don’t have to spend hours setting up ad campaigns or optimizing them. It’s very straightforward.“ Then, Jason says. “I like to offer these clients two (2) months free if they pay upfront for the year, which is a great way to hook them in.”

If you do the math, and in a perfect world, if you get 3K sales with three new clients per month, that’s 9K per month…how awesome is that! He promises this in his YouTube ad…lol. (hard to believe, but let’s see). Here’s the thing,

I do agree with what he is saying. For example, people will be more attracted to the lower price and selling software as a service. However, the only thing is I do think you need some experience with technical stuff, and I guess you will need some experience in sales to retain clients…what do you think? Also, do you think small businesses will pay for this software?  Who knows, maybe they will or won’t, anyways; Jason’s My Lead Formula program for more details.

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