Monetari Review (David Vlas)

David Vlas is a YouTuber who has gone into day trading. He is the person behind and claims you can earn thousands of dollars per month. He then claims this is the new and improved way of trading stocks, and the old way can be thrown away in the garbage. David says, “You don’t need a lot of money to get started because some of my Monetari Fund members have been able to turn $400 into a full-time income.” I want to know, is this legit? Well, read on for my honest review.

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You see, with playing the stocks, you have no saturation and no competition. And that’s the cool thing about investing and what sets this apart from all the other side hustles out there. David also points out this doesn’t have to be risky either because you can control your losses by stopping before you lose large sums of money. Also, David says when you have a winning trade, you can make large sums of money by riding the wave. David has reported that his members supposedly have a win rate of 90%, so everything is stacked in your favour. Also, we got a cool dude named Ab who will tell you exactly what stocks to trade and when so all you have to do is what he is telling you to do.

David feels strongly about the fact that if all this is done for you…it’s impossible for you to mess up. Even if you get around 10%-15% of the results that David and Ab are getting, you can still make anywhere from $50, $100, or $150 per day. So, everyone wants to know what you will be doing. Well, you will be trading options contracts which allows you to make more with less capital and risk. The idea is NOT to gather thousands to buy Apple shares, but only a fraction of the money needed to buy a share and trade “options” contracts on Apple. This will allow you to profit handsomely still. So,

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Why not get in on this and take advantage of the opportunity? It doesn’t matter your trading background; you can all make money from this. Oh, and another thing to mention is that what David is offering isn’t just a course because you will get top-notch training for sure, but you also get alerts, a copy-and-paste method, a private community, and complete support. Essentially, David is saying you will get everything you need to be successful…it’s that simple! So, how much does all of this cost? Well, David and his team wanted to charge 12K, but here’s the thing,

If you sign up for their webinar and watch it, you will get a massive discount. How much? You will get full access to the New Monetari Alerts Partner Program for $1,995 (for a full year of access), or you can pay $997 (for six months of access). But David says, “You have to hurry because spots are limited, and this discount will not be around forever” Now, to be honest, these guys do have a few testimonials and screenshots of people inside the program, but I’m trying to figure out one thing here. With a 90% success rate and no downside, how are these guys in the program, not billionaires by now? Anyways, David says…

If you are NOT happy for whatever reason, you can call him for a refund. But it’s important to mention that I read a review from Jonathan Pridmore on Trustpilot. He says the following “I would not trust this company. The training was not for me, so I requested a refund, but these guys strung me along past the 30 days, so I was no longer eligible for the refund. Ultimately, these guys refused to return my money. The customer service is poor, and I would NOT recommend joining this program.” This is the only red flag review I read and saw. Now,

I also want to say the rest of the reviews I read about Monetarico are positive, and I wonder if they can be fake. Written by sales guys for the MonetariFund? Of course, they can, so I would take each review you read with a grain of salt. Anyways, let’s forget the reviews for a moment and think about what these guys are offering…a copy-and-paste system to earn $5,000+ per month (in a few minutes). It’s hard to believe, and I think this is impossible, so, for this reason, I would sit this one out and try to find a more believable training.

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