Modern Millionaires Review (Chance And Abdul)

Chance Anthony Welton has said that generating leads is the way to go to unlock tons of cash. Actually, his partner Abdul Samad Farooqi says the same thing, revealing their SECRETS inside their program. You see, they say it’s all about setting up the RIGHT kind of “billboards” on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. These “billboards” help you generate the leads you need for cheap, then you can resell them for a profit after…it’s that simple! People want to know if this business model is legit and what’s the catch. Finally, how much does this cost? If you want to know more, read my Modern Millionaires review.

So, when researching Modern Millionaires online…many people called it a scam. However, I’m here to tell you that it is NOT a scam. The people who have completed this training claim that you get a valuable skill set so you can set up your own “Officeless Agency” (which they call it now). This training costs a staggering 8K, and there are NO refunds. I have reviewed similar courses that provide the same value but are much cheaper. Anyways, I guess it’s a matter of preference. So, what is the issue I have with these guys…well, it’s their marketing…

Even though their training may be legit, Abdul and Chance make things seem much easier and rosier than they really are when talking about speed, ease, and earning potential. But, if you can get past what these guys are charging and forget about all the hype around it, you have something that’s a viable business. Ultimately, it comes down to your ability to run ads on Facebook that own a massage therapy business and have clients call them. And once you generate many of these leads, you can even charge small businesses for the marketing you have done for them. The business model is simple: you get the leads for $2.00 and charge businesses $6.00; if you send them 100…you’ve made $400.00.

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So, from my experience and the people I have spoken to, you can set something like this up, but you need someone to help you lay the foundation. But keep in mind the thousands of dollars Chance and Abdul can be made, but you must keep working at it, which takes time. These guys have been at it for several years, slowly building their business. You must also put in the same dedication and hard work if you want that success. With that said,

I would like to hear more about how Chance And Abdul will help you find business owners and get them to pay you. But I’m sure these guys will cover everything inside the Modern Millionaire curriculum. Now, another question is, if you manage to get clients, how can you ensure you keep the lead cost down? And think about the competition because I have reviewed many other programs teaching you the same thing too.

In the end, knowing how marketing works if so many people are bidding on relevant keywords will drive up the cost of marketing. So, as time passes, you may run into an issue where you are no longer profitable. I’m part of different training, so I don’t have this problem because I flip leads like Chance and Abdul. I don’t pay for marketing because I get free traffic. You see, I make small sites and rank them on Google search organically. Then, when leads come through, I hand them to the highest bidder, so it’s all profit in the end for me.

The program I am talking about is similar to Leadific, but in my business, you have much more control and less competition. It’s a proven and consistent way to close deals and make money. Also, the program I recommend costs much less and has a money-back guarantee. If you want to learn more, just hit the orange button and watch the video explaining everything.

Tap the orange button below. Then, after a quick rant about everything wrong with this space, I’ll hand it over to my mentor, who’ll demo the business for you.