Misha Wilson Review (Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint)

So this dude named Misha Wilson says he has a SECRET way to make money online. He has named it Misha’s Method and claims his method is responsible for 15 million dollars in personal sales (not sure if I believe him). Misha says he is more than happy to share it with you for FREE through his digital book, The Millionaire Breakthrough. I want to know what is the catch. Well, when you sign up, you will hear one of his pitches, and in this one, he promotes a $17 product called Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint. I’m sure you want to know if it’s any good…I encourage you to scroll down for my HONEST review.

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So, the story is that this dude, Misha Wilson went from being homeless twice to a multi-millionaire living the dream in Maui. His YouTube ads are creative and hypnotic. The key to the ads is the background, a stunning sunset and crashing waves. He combines the background with a compelling copy, and the next thing you know, you have opted into his form for a copy of The Millionaire Breakthrough. But, all you know is after you opt-in, you are redirected to a video sales page for an entry-level product called the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint….this is an absolutely brilliant marketing strategy.

Once you receive The Millionaire Breakthrough in your inbox, you go through it, hoping that Misha will provide the value he promises, but he doesn’t. The Millionaire Breakthrough I find is nothing more than a PDF telling you the benefits of affiliate marketing and why you should get involved. I was hoping I would find some actionable steps in this PDF, but to get the real value, Misha redirects you to his Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint course. Here’s the thing,

Beating the countdown timer on the landing page will save you 90%, which brings the price down to $17. But here’s where I have another problem. You see, Misha, in his ad, promises that this value would be 100% free, which isn’t if he charges you $17…right? When I watched the video, I really liked Misha, so I had extremely high expectations from him…so was super disappointed when he didn’t deliver. Anyways,

Misha Wilson Review (Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint)


Now, I want to know the 15 million he made online; how much did he earn from affiliate marketing? Also, out of that, how much was made through his coaching programs? Anyways, when I researched his last business, The Super Affiliate Network, I learned Misha sold many digital products ranging from $7 dollars to $300 dollars. But I know he will hit you with some pricier upsells later to earn more. Some of these may include workshops and masterminds. (nothing wrong with this…but I’m just saying). With that said,

When I checked out the Better Business Bureau, Misha does have an A+ rating out of 34 reviews. However, eight (8) have been posted, but Misha’s team has handled all of them. So, I think I may be too critical of Misha and his ads. He sounds credible from what I have been reading, and I guess I have a problem with the ongoing hype he keeps pushing. Anyways, hype doesn’t matter in the long term as long as he does provide value…right?

In the end, someone who is as smooth as Misha (which you can tell from his funnels, ads, and offers), I’m sure you can learn a lot if you team up with him. So, ultimately, I will give Misha a high-five and root for him and what he offers. But this doesn’t mean I don’t want you to check out my favourite program first (which you can do by clicking the orange button.

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