Phil Pustejovsky Reviews Millionaire Myths

The Guy Phil  Pustejovsky was homeless and living in his truck at one point in his life. Phil says, “When I was at my lowest point, I had many misconceptions about rich people. Now I realize how dangerous they are.” You see, when you have a particular perception of millionaires, it will stop you from becoming one yourself. I guess Phil has a point when he says that if you think deep down inside that becoming a millionaire will turn you into an awful person, you’ll self-sabotage. Ultimately, you will focus on the wrong things, restricting your growth. With that said, continue reading for my Freedom Mentor review.

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Phil says, “The key is to eliminate these myths from your mind, or you will remain stuck in your thoughts…it’s that simple!. It doesn’t matter how many hours you work or videos you watch; you will not make any progress at all.” However, Phil makes one thing clear; not all millionaires are amazing people because some are scumbags. But, the key is to be careful in what you believe because many shows on TV, movies, etc., make these 1% look like thieves, but in reality, some have worked extremely hard for what they have achieved. And you have to admire this…right?

So, one day, Phil decided to post a video on YouTube describing how to think like a millionaire. Phil was surprised at how many people reacted to what he was saying; for example, he was surprised how many people (subscribers) had negative opinions about millionaires. Some people said that millionaires have awful families, and others said that all these guys do is think about money. Now, I’ll admit some may, but not all of them, which is why Phil published a video on YouTube titled “The Five Myths Of Millionaires.” The primary purpose of this video was to eliminate these myths about millionaires. Let’s explore these myths a bit more…

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Myth 1 is many believe millionaires inherited their money. This is NOT true because, according to my research, about 90% of the millionaires in the United States did not inherit a single penny. As a matter of fact, these people earned it. The remaining 10% do inherit it but go on to spend it and end up broke because they never appreciated the money. Remember, I believe it’s easy to come and easy to go…right? The ones who struggle to make their money take care of it once they make it. Let’s move on…

The second Myth is that many millionaires work day and night. This is true for many of them but untrue for others. The truth is that many of them do live balanced lives. If they don’t initially, they learn to manage family life and enjoy the fruits of their labour. It’s also stated that if these people didn’t learn how to balance their lives, they would suffer burnout, divorce, addictions, etc. You see, to become a millionaire, you must take care of the mind, body, and soul. Alright, let’s explore number 3.

Many people think that millionaires are greedy. My research tells me this is not true and is quite the opposite. Millionaires are generous, helping other businesses flourish and giving much to charity. Millionaires have a mentality that they must give to get because greed does burn bridges. This brings us to Myth 4, millionaires are dishonest people and lie. I wouldn’t say this is true, but I think some may have throughout the years, but most are straight shooters. Phil says, “Millionaires are honest people because you can’t lie your way to the top…it’s that simple!.”

Myth 5, many people believe that millionaires are self-made. It’s no mystery that millionaires are not born wealthy (well, some are). Still, many people are part of their success—for example, coaches, mentors, employees, virtual assistants, teachers, and so on. You see, building wealth in your life involves a combination of people, and the only shortcut to becoming a millionaire is to have the right mentor by your side. So Phil says, “Check out my Apprentice Program.”

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