Million Dollar Year Review (Dow Janes) – Let’s Check It Out…

To help women get control of their money, Laurie Ann and Britt started Dow Janes (cool name …right?) Here’s the thing, Laurie Ann and Britt claim since the financial world was built by men for men, they have decided to do the opposite. Dow Janes is supposed to be exciting, empowering, and fun. Ultimately, the thought process is that women should have the same choices as men and louder voices. Laurie says, “We are about building financial confidence in women all around the globe.” I have a few questions: Are these two legit, and what are they selling? Also, how much does it cost? I want you to read on so you can get all the answers in my review…

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So Laurie Ann is the CEO of Dow Janes. She has labelled herself as an energetic healer and an empowerment coach. She says once she mastered money, she could quickly pay off $60,000 of debt and build a million-dollar business. Now Britt is the COO at Dow Janes, and she graduated from  Harvard Business School. Britt has been investing since she was eight (8) years old, and her teaching style is to keep things as easy as possible. A woman named Stephanie is their financial coach, and Craig is their investment advisor.

After doing some digging, I found out that their team is legit, and it’s a great brand too. Oh, the positioning is terrific! Dow Janes advertises all over Facebook, and their ads tell you to join their FREE masterclass on investing. But I want to know what the catch is. It’s all about selling you their coaching program called Million Dollar Year. The training is for one (1) year and will help you build the habits and KEY skills to…. “Spend smart, save systematically, and invest confidently.” Now, here’s what people want to know…what do you get in this course –

You will receive step-by-step resources and tutorials on budgeting, saving, investing, and multiplying your money. You will also get financial coaching, an invitation to a private Facebook group, and live weekly Q&A calls. You will join a community accountable to each other and work towards the same financial goals. Finally, you will learn how to rewrite your story, change your thoughts and LEARN strategies to envision how to be the person you want to be.

Dow Janes Review (2023): Is Million Dollar Year A Scam?


Now, I’m sure you want to know how much the Million Dollar Year costs? The training has a one-time fee of $1,999. You also have the option to make 12 monthly payments of $199. What’s remarkable is you have a double money-back guarantee! So, after one year, if you can prove you did everything in training and didn’t see a return of double your initial investment, you can get a refund. I think this is an excellent and fair refund policy. However, the only problem with waiting a year is you can’t get a refund any sooner. You have to wait a year, so if you don’t like the program or need your money back urgently, you won’t get it…it’s that simple! Now, the other negative is the following –

You only have access to Britt and Laurie through the live weekly calls. So, if you don’t attend the calls, you won’t have access to them which is a shame. You see, I’m a massive believer that if someone sells you a program, you should have some direct access to them, even if it’s once a month. But Laurie and Britt only if you access them through the weekly live chats, which is a bummer. I guess these people want to protect their time.

But, to be fair, you can save, invest, and budget to a positive ROI on Million Dollar Year. However, I have something better for you too. To build some extra wealth, check out my favourite training course below. Why? It’s simple, affordable, and exciting! The best thing is you do not have to sell anything, and you get to help local businesses while you make a commission from them.

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