Mikkelsen Twins Review (Yoda Ad)

If you have read my other reviews, you know I have extensively written about the Mikkelsen twins and their business, PublishingLife.com. Rasmus and Christian brothers have been selling books on Amazon. Their MOST popular course, Audiobook Income Academy 2.0, currently sells for $1497.00, which I think isn’t too bad because you can pull out a lot of information for this training. And I understand how you can make a ton of money with the RIGHT books. Anyways, when you purchase this training course, you also get a 180-profit guarantee. So, if you don’t make $5000.00 in this time frame, you will get your money back plus an extra $1000.00 for your trouble. Not bad…right? Now, before I get into the nitty-gritty, I want you to check out the following piece of content…

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Now, in this Mikkelsen review I’m writing today, I want to take time and go through their latest YouTube Ad. I aim to poke holes in it to find out if they are dishonest in the ad campaign. I have made it my mission to ensure that marketers create transparent and honest ads, so people get to hear the real deal. The picture below shows one of the twins using a Yoga to catch your attention, and then he says, “we’ve all been waiting for this SECRET…to make money on Amazon.”

These guys are pushing their program to make money on Amazon without selling physical products (the typical modem of online eCommerce) and shops like Amazon. These guys have a point when they say you can make money while avoiding some of the challenges of selling physical products, like high shipping costs, start-up costs, marketing, and others. The physical product sphere has enormous competition, which can limit your growth, etc. In the end, you have a business with very few upfront costs, and some may even say you will spend a fraction of the costs you normally would. Then, on YouTube, they close it off by saying there is very little competition because a lot of people are NOT doing it and want you to click the button to proceed to a registration page for a 100% FREE web class which will go through everything you need to know about this NEW Amazon money making opportunity. But, as I write this…I don’t know how new this opportunity is anymore. Check out this video to see how their program has helped hundreds of people follow their passion for making money online and become super successful. Anyways,

Mikkelsen Twins Review (January 2023): Best Audiobook Publishing Coaches?


Overall if I had to mark an ad, I would give it a 7/10 because I subtracted -3. After all, they are stretching the truth. For example, Audible is NOT new because Amazon purchased the model in 2008, and people have been publishing books on this platform shortly after. Next, the twins claim it’s inexpensive to start, which is NOT because you have to spend thousands of dollars getting a high-quality book made. You must ensure you follow the guidelines, which means you can’t just publish a poor-quality book on Audible. Finally, these guys claim the web class was FREE, but it’s a sales pitch for Audiobook Income Academy 2.0, which costs $1500.00. With that said,

I MUST admit it’s not the worst program out there, and I have written more negative reviews. But these two have been in the business long, and I have to give them credit because some of their stuff is legit. You can make money, but I wish they would calm down on stretching the truth. I’m sure people will join their programs even if they were straight up about it. Getting an audiobook published is NOT easy, and you should have your heart in it because it takes time. Also, suppose you are outsourcing the work. In that case, the cost can get extremely high because of the quality of production you need to be done. But, if you want something else, I encourage you to check out…

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